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Overcome hurdles with a little help 

Online HR systems aren’t just for HR teams. Our intuitive and easy-to-use HR system was made with managers in mind, designed to help you face common challenges head-on

Feet on the ground and HR in the cloud 

Stand tall as you meet each day’s challenges head on. Easily manage absences and handle return-to-work meetings, set and record performance objectives, and help your team achieve their goals. And it’s all in the cloud, so there’s no need to worry about data security.

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Better communication, more capacity

Most managers are uncomfortable communicating with their direct reports. But when it’s your job to keep in touch — and discuss difficult topics — you need to find a way. Our HR system acts as a home base for performance reviews, and helps you manage your time and your team better. So you can spend more time being hands-on. And your people can spend more time focusing on performance.

Face challenges fearlessly 

Here are some stats we're working to change.


69% of managers* feel uncomfortable communicating with their team


61% of employees* have ignored work emails


37% of managers* aren’t comfortable offering their team direct constructive criticism

Put your people front and centre

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Modern solutions for modern problems

To be an effective manager, you’ll need to address these challenges head-on. Our online HR system has features and functions that can help you solve these problems, and more.

Improve communication

Even on delicate topics — and become confident enough to handle any conversation with guided interactions

Offer structured feedback

Through performance reviews, including constructive criticism

A well-timed nudge

Prompt your team to complete compliance-related tasks, submit their progress on objectives, and book and manage their absences through our online HR system

Review and manage any type of absence

You’ll get a more complete picture of your team’s wellbeing, and identify any patterns before they become a problem

Up and running before day one

Get your new hires up to speed in no time with employee onboarding, easily integrated with our HR software

Credit where it's due

Give kudos to team members who go above and beyond

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Contribute to company culture 

Managers need to manage their team, plus their own contribution to the business. Our online HR system makes this possible. A great company culture is a mix of many factors. Here’s how our HR software can help:

Happy employees are empowered

Our solutions provide your direct reports with self-service functionality to book time off, access key documents, update personal details, explore learning, and complete compliance training. That’s far fewer tasks for you to take care of!

Development opportunities

Hold on to top teams, longer. Set career development objectives and help your team upskill and take the next step in their careers

Psychological safety

Our online HR system gives your team a platform to record their sentiment and give feedback. It also gives you a library of contacts and guidance for dealing with sensitive issues in line with company policy

Put your people front and centre

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How our online HR system helps you be the best manager possible

Grow into your management role and own your career path. Not only will our online HR system help you be the best possible manager for your team, but it’ll also help you develop the skills you need to take the next steps.


Ten ways our tech helps managers 


1. Access management training anytime, anywhere. Develop skills without taking time out of your day-to-day activities


2. Communicate clearly and work with global teams using email, chat programmes and video calls – all integrated with your HR system


3. Manage diverse teams effectively by accessing eLearning content from your HR system


4. Calm the chaos by recording and storing a central repository of data, meetings and activities


5. Grow your team effortlessly – onboard new starters and set them up for success from day one


6. Take the stress out of sickness and absences – calculate Bradford factor scores, escalate problematic absence patterns, and conduct structured return-to-work interviews


7. Recognise peak performance with monthly 121s and practical feedback forms


8. Run reports for your managers to identify problems and find practical solutions


9. Help them help themselves with suitable training – eg SMCR for financial services firms


10. Manage team-wide holidays in as little as two clicks

Here for the people who are here for their people 

Our online HR software supports every team in your business. From employees to managers, to HR and the C-suite — there’s something for everyone.

Our software can be used as a standalone solution, or integrated with other key software including payroll, LMS and recruitment. However you use it, our solutions are built to grow with your business. 

Share this with your manager to help them understand how our cloud-based HR software can make a tangible difference for the business (and for them). Or request a demo today to see our HR system in action.


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