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Kiwi Power success story

Kiwi Power

Kiwi Power is a global company whose distributed energy platform simply and reliably unlocks flexibility from distributed energy resources (DERs) to maximise their value. It works with partners in more than 10 countries to optimise and monetise over 1GW of DERs.

“I knew Ciphr was the best HR software we could buy for our budget. A lot of products in the same price range don’t offer the same configurability that Ciphr does – it’s fantastic how much we can configure the system to match our processes. Our old HR processes were email and form-driven; the future at Kiwi looks very, very different because of Ciphr. Ciphr has the ability to do so much – it’s just us that’s holding it back.”

“Before Ciphr, we had absolutely no insight into talent management and HR processes, and no reporting. We simply didn’t have any KPIs coming out of the HR function – we needed a good HR system, and one that was a single source of truth for our HR data.”

“It’s fantastic how much we can configure the system to match our processes; we’ve also learnt better ways of doing things when the tool has not been configurable to match our existing processes. You should never be required to change your processes because of a system’s restrictions or inflexibility – Ciphr has the perfect balance.”

“It was really important for me that we chose a product that was implemented by its owner – including all aspects of the build. With Kiwi’s finance system, the consultancy was done by a third-party company, and we didn’t get the best result. I really liked the fact that the Ciphr consultancy would be done by Ciphr.”

“We’ve loved working with our implementation consultant. Her previous experience as an HR manager means she isn’t just a technical consultant – she understands the HR processes, too. She’s intuitively made suggestions for how we can do things better, and has made the whole process really enjoyable.”

“I thought that working remotely would have made the Ciphr roll-out harder, but it’s actually made it easier. So far we’ve had very few complaints and haven’t really hit any problems with the system itself."