Success Story

Richard House success story

Richard House

Based in East London, Richard House provides 24-hour specialist care for babies, children and young adults who have life-shortening or life-limiting or complex health conditions.

“Ciphr HR comes with all the functionality we need to modernise our HR systems, and what truly sets it apart is the incredibly supportive implementation process."

“Ciphr HR is functional, intuitive, and user friendly – this is very important for us. With Ciphr HR, it’s really obvious where you go to do something either as an HR user or an employee, so upskilling is easy.”

“The options can be truly mind-blowing. Ciphr HR gives you so many ways to make things work for your workforce.”

“Based on my research, I still think Ciphr is head and shoulders above a lot of other HR software providers. I was very closely managed by a Ciphr expert and worked with the consultants on the build.”

“The whole implementation process is so incredibly well managed, and my project manager has happily answered any questions I had. I always felt like the Ciphr team was there for us.”

“I think things will be quicker and easier to do. We will all be able to focus on more quality work, rather than time-consuming manual processes, such as keeping all of the holiday records manually updated.”

“I can finally get rid of the filing cabinets as everything will be stored securely on Ciphr HR which is such a relief.”