Social Care Wales success story

When Social Care Wales first started looking at Ciphr the organisation was in a period of relatively rapid growth and its entirely manual HR systems were struggling to keep pace.

“It always seemed that all of our time in HR was taken up with administering annual leave. We’d send out sheets to managers and they’d be back the following day with amendments that had to be input into the spreadsheets. Although we didn’t have many people to deal with at the start, it still felt like a lot of work to do the basics. Pulling off reports about anything was a major undertaking because everybody’s details were held in one big spreadsheet, so it was difficult to find real information from the data.”
What they say

It was great to have someone with an HR background

The employee self-service element is an absolute godsend

I love Ciphr’s notifications

Our HR team has very much moved from a policing role to being more strategic

“It was great to have someone with an HR background who could look at our processes and make useful suggestions as to what we might do. The consultant was able to highlight several areas where we could use the system which we hadn’t really thought of. In that way he could steer us gently in the right direction.”

“The system is incredibly intuitive for both HR and employees to use. The employee self-service element is an absolute godsend and automating activities such as inputting personal details and annual leave has taken a huge strain from my team, removing the policing element of the HR role so that we can focus on real HR issues that shape the future of the whole organisation.”

“I love Ciphr’s notifications because it means that we don’t have to sit and write a whole series of emails and send them individually. We built our own return-to-work form in Ciphr and set up a notification so that when someone puts in a sickness absence without a return to work, a notification is issued. Before, we would have had to do this manually each time. We also use Ciphr’s notifications for training and evaluating the training. This means we can keep track of who hasn’t attended a course when they were supposed to and chase them for feedback. When we had to do this via a spreadsheet, things got missed.”

“Our HR team has very much moved from a policing role to being more strategic. Having Ciphr in place has taken away so much of the grunt work, automating many processes and streamlining the way that we work as an organisation. The service we have received at every stage of our implementation has been excellent and the support of the Ciphr service desk has been skillful and patient. We are always looking for new ways to innovate with Ciphr and will continue to develop the system with their help.”

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