St Giles Trust success story

St Giles Trust is a charity that helps people who are facing severe disadvantages in life to find jobs, homes and support. Its HR team of six supports around 370 staff and volunteers nationwide.

“We talked for years about implementing an HR system, and were always ‘too busy’ to do it. But the time saving has been enormous. I cannot imagine how we survived without Ciphr; our processes are quicker and more streamlined, and our data is so much more accurate.”

What they say

I wish we’d introduced an HR system earlier

She wouldn’t have been able to do that before Ciphr

We’ve streamlined so many processes

It was very well received internally

It’s been a huge transformation in how we do things

It’s a no brainer

“We used to have millions of spreadsheets: for all our diversity information, recruitment, onboarding, DBS checks – everything. I wish we’d introduced an HR system earlier, but I’m so glad we did it in time for the GDPR.”

“Our part-time HR team member works two days a week at home looking after all our onboarding – she wouldn’t have been able to do that before Ciphr, but she can now it’s all online.”

“It has definitely helped us to be more efficient and more accurate, because we’ve streamlined so many processes.”

“It was very well received internally. Our remote managers were particularly excited that they could directly access all the information they usually had to ask the HR team for. They also loved the idea of booking annual leave online.”

“We now have a single database across all our central services now. Previously, we might have had different data – different job titles, for example – in each of the three systems. It’s been a huge transformation in how we do things. Looking back, just two or three years ago we had different data in different places and I cannot imagine how we managed like that.”

“Especially with the GDPR, how on earth can you keep track of your people data – how can you determine if it’s accurate and secure – without an HR system? It’s a no brainer.”

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