Success Story

Walsall Housing Group success story


Walsall Housing Group (whg) is one of the largest and most successful providers of high quality housing in the West Midlands. It owns and manages more than 20,000 properties across Walsall, providing affordable, quality homes and community-based services. In the video below, hear why whg picked Ciphr, and find out how it’s transformed their HR processes.



“The customer site visit really demonstrated the value of the new approach to delivery of our core HR systems. Being able to access our people data from anywhere, at any time, is a big benefit for us – all we need is an internet connection. We have trained people how to access Ciphr via tablets and mobile phones – which is something our colleagues really like, because they can be at home or on holiday and still access the system.”

“A big plus for me is the knowledge and the helpfulness of the service desk. When choosing a system, the support is a big thing you need to consider and Ciphr’s team have been great. It’s very rare that I don’t get a resolution to a problem immediately. The training throughout has been thorough and useful, and we had a good Ciphr consultant who explained everything to us very clearly so we knew exactly what we were doing.”

“We were keen that the HR team took a leading role in the decision process so that the chosen system had their commitment and buy-in from the start. After all, they would be using the system every day, so it needed to fit their needs as closely as possible. The choice came down to Ciphr or an upgraded system from our existing supplier. When we compared them side by side it was obvious very early on that Ciphr was the favourite. The general look and feel of Ciphr is good, the screens are intuitive and we found that the report writing facilities are great.”

“The Ciphr system makes my job a whole lot easier. We don’t have to do upgrades; we just get an email to say that Ciphr is going to be upgraded, and then another when it’s complete, and it’s all done and dusted. I find that brilliant. I’m happy, and we’ve got happy HR people, so it’s a win-win for all of us.”