What makes your organisation a good place to work?

HR software provider Ciphr surveyed over 1,000 UK employees to discover the top reasons why people think their organisation is a good place to work.

Ciphr’s research revealed that two-fifths (40%) of people think working alongside ‘good people / friendly employees’ is more important than their pay (35%).

Having job security, a supportive manager, and good employee benefits are the next most important considerations for survey respondents (34%, 27% and 24% respectively). The top 25 results are below.

What makes an organisation a good place to work, according to different age groups


Ciphr conducted an online survey of 1,006 employed UK adults between 18-21 May 2022. Survey respondents were asked the following question: What makes the organisation that you work for a good place to work? (a 'nothing' option was provided among the randomised list of 43 available answers).