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Easy-to-use absence management software

The comprehensive and configurable absence management functionality within Ciphr HR makes it easy for employees and managers to request and record holidays and gives HR all of the metrics required to identify absence trends that may require intervention.

Absence management system features

Employees can:

  • See who’s off
  • View remaining holiday balance
  • Request holiday and log absences
  • Upload supporting documents

Managers can:

  • Check absence calendars
  • View, verify or decline absence requests
  • Monitor remaining holiday balances of team members

HR can:

  • Report on all paid and unpaid employee absence
  • Configure approval processes
  • Automatically calculate the Bradford Factor
  • Reduce absence costs

Self-service absence logging

Employees require easy to use and dependable absence management software, to log their absences from anywhere. Ciphr’s absence management system enables employees to request annual leave, log their sickness absence as well as multiple other absence reasons. Employees can also attach supporting documentation, such as doctor’s notes, to their record. Managers can view and verify these records, while the HR department is able to create reports and track absence trends.

View team availability

Ciphr HR enables your people to see who is off in their team, or in the organisation. This is a handy tool to check if there are annual leave clashes and to plan out projects, ensuring that the right people are available.

Absence tracking reporting

With automated reporting, absence tracking becomes manageable for any size organisation. View trends to spot any changes in the behaviour of your employees – especially important during turbulent times. Absence tracking analytics enables you to act quickly and identify any areas that need improvement, helping to greatly reduce the cost of staff absence.

Calculate Bradford factor

Ciphr HR automatically calculates the Bradford Factor for each employee and can trigger notifications when an employee’s Bradford factor exceeds a threshold you have set.

Connect absence management to your other solutions

Ciphr’s absence management functionality is available as standard within Ciphr’s HR software and integrates seamlessly across the Ciphr Connect platform as well as our ecosystem of partners. Ensure that your payroll is up to date and your rostering is accurate with integrated absence management.

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What is absence management software?

Absence management software helps you to efficiently manage and report on a wide variety of employee absences, including sickness and holidays, and the cost of absence. Absence tracking can be increasingly complex, covering both short-term and long-term sickness, and may require supporting documentation including a comprehensive absence management policy. You’ll also need a robust absence management system in place, such as Ciphr HR, that allows for easy absence management for both employers and employees.

“People can log their own self-certified sickness and the HR team has access to Bradford Factor score reporting, too. We can now keep a much closer eye on people’s absence, and we have much better control as an organisation – which is saving us time and money.”

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