10 Surefire Ways To Infuriate Your Colleagues


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A huge part of maintaining a happy work life is to get along with your colleagues. For office based employees especially, not annoying your co-workers will help to ensure a harmonious and friendly environment which encourages productivity and employee collaboration. Here are 10 things to avoid if you want to achieve this harmony.

1) Constantly booking hour long meetings when a simple 5 minute chat will suffice

2) Repeatedly trying to engage a colleague in a non work related discussion when it’s clear they’re busy

3) Continually copying in everyone in the office on emails that don’t really concern them

4) ‘Block booking’ a meeting room ‘in case’ you need them (when quite often you don’t)

5) Talking in an overly loud voice on the phone to reinforce the fact that you are indeed working

6) Taking credit for a colleagues idea

7) Not taking responsibility for a project or task that’s gone wrong

8) Gossiping

9) Always having done everything better and bigger than everyone else

10) ‘One-upmanship’