Interviews are a nerve racking experience for the vast majority of us. Don’t make them even more awkward by saying any of the following.

1) “How much annual leave do I get?”

Already thinking of time away from your new job eh? Not good.

2) “What is it that your company does again?”

“See yourself out!”

3) “I hate my current/previous manager!”

Really? So you’ll probably bad mouth this company if you move on from this job?!

4) “My biggest weakness is that I am a perfectionist”

No it’s not, be honest.

5) “I was always the first to ‘bluesky’ a solution before ‘running it up the flagpole'”

What?! Use English! Next!

6) “Sorry I’m late”

Never be late.

7) “Can I just answer my phone?”

“Yes you can, outside. Goodbye.”

8) “I actually have other offers!”

“Do you? Better give them a call then. Goodbye.”

9) “I don’t know”

Why not, either the question will be about you or something you should know and have prepared for prior to the interview.

10) “How long will this interview take?”

About as long as it takes to say “thanks for your interest, goodbye”.