19 May 2015

Employer Branding: A Strategy With Benefits


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


Recruitment and retention Talent management


Each day the challenge to find the best and most talented employees increases. Employer branding is more important than ever before and the benefits for the customer, employee and employer are huge.

Google, Apple, Facebook… these are some of the top ‘favorite companies to work for’.
Beyond the prestige and notoriety or the high salaries, these companies have built their employer brand by word of mouth. In the past few years, Human Resources departments have found new technologies and online channels to attract and recruit talent, one crucial element of this talent attraction is a strong “Employer brand”.

employees love workEmployer Branding is a relatively recently coined phrase and an important strategy when recruiting new talent, both those actively looking for a role and the more ‘passive’ candidates.

The main message and philosophy is “this is the best place to work”, if people believe that they won’t find a better environment to build a career, then they’ll fight for a position. The concept may sound new to some, but the truth is that the big companies have been building and using employer branding for many years to recruit, as this is one element that will set them apart from other employers in the war for top talent.

The most important thing is the well-being of the employee. The employee has to feel comfortable and free to do their individual work and feel that they’re appreciated and cared for by their employer.
This is the reason why many business have created ‘interaction’ and ‘sharing-ideas’ rooms, as well as lounge and leisure areas, for example. Here’s what Google offers it’s employees and as a result builds on it’s employer brand.

But not only that. A good employer using the employer branding strategy should provide employees’ personal growth, a great working environment, social responsibility, career development, constant motivation, a feeling of being part of a team and much more.

So what are the real benefits of an employer brand strategy?:

  • The high level of motivation amongst employees encourages a healthy competitiveness that makes them more efficient and capable of developing more creative solutions. When a solution is required, they work harder to find out how to solve the problem
  • Employees are very reliable, can be trusted and feel confident. The overall sense of commitment within the business is very high as a result
  • By having highly qualified, talented, trustworthy and 100% committed employees, staff turnover will decrease. This saves the business money in HR management and recruitment processes required to recruit, onboard and retain staff
  • Employee commitment is high, so the company can invest money in order to train them, and they can become an even greater asset and add value to the brand. What they learn will be transferred back into the company in terms of productivity, expertise and advocacy
  • As your company is considered an excellent place to work, you’ll attract new generations of exceptional talent. You won’t attract good employees, you’ll attract outstanding ones
  • Your brand image will be considerably improved, which is important when attracting customers and investors who’ll directly influence the business’s economic benefits

attracting top talentFor all the above reasons, an employer brand strategy plays a crucial role in finding, attracting and retaining talent, as well as reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement and advocacy.

This is now an essential strategy for companies that don’t want to be left behind in the market, so they have to learn how to manage it appropriately.
It’s a win-win strategy – the employees benefit, the brand benefits and the customer benefits.

Once a business achieves a strong and positive company culture internally, the results will be reflected externally. This will help to attract new employees, customers and brand advocates.

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