16 Quick Tips to Build a Great LinkedIn Profile

16 Quick Tips to Build a Great LinkedIn Profile


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LinkedIn has become a popular source of talent for employers and recruitment agencies alike. Ensuring that your profile is at the top of the search results is crucial during a job search and a personal branding priority.

Below are 16 quick tips on how to optimise and maintain a solid LinkedIn profile.

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile – It sounds obvious, but many profiles aren’t complete – don’t be one of them.

2. Give recommendations instead of endorsements Endorsements are quick and easy, similar to a ‘like’ on Facebook. Make the effort to give recommendations in order to stand out.

3. Tell Your Story in the first person, not the third – You (probably) wrote your profile yourself, so it shouldn’t read as if someone else did.

4. Think about your target audience – What are your goals and who are you trying to reach with your profile? Write it with them in mind.

5. Highlight key achievements – Done something during your career that you’re proud of? Make sure others know about it.

6. Avoid buzzwords, but carefully include keywords – Don’t include cliche buzzwords that have no real meaning and are overused. Carefully pick industry relevant keywords to get found.

7. Use media to strengthen your brand – LinkedIn allows media to be added to profiles to tell your story. Images are known to work in Marketing, so use them to your advantage and market yourself.

8. Don’t let your profile stagnate, update regularly – Profiles gathering digital dust, after being left for months on end, won’t get paid much attention. Make sure you keep yours relevant and up to date.

9. Stop using a comical or poor quality profile photo – LinkedIn isn’t Facebook; make sure your profile image represents you in a professional capacity. Would you turn up for an interview in a cartoon mask? Probably not, so please don’t use one for your professional profile image.

10. Get your headline right – Your profile headline is the first thing employers, recruiters or new network connections will see, make sure it projects the right impression.

11. Customise your LinkedIn profile URL – You can amend your profile URL from the default given by LinkedIn, make sure you do this.

12. Follow and interact with influencers – Being part of the ‘in crowd’ on LinkedIn is a great way to get noticed. Find, follow and interact with those brands and individuals that have impact.

13. Get involved in groups – Joining and contributing to group discussions will help to build your network and knowledge, and also strengthen your influence in your industry.

14. Share relevant content regularly – Creating and curating relevant industry news for others to read and share is an effective way to gain followers and connections, as well as stay up to date with the latest news yourself.

15. Filter out pointless endorsements – Loads of endorsements are all well and good, but you want to make sure that the relevant ones are on show and not being hidden by irrelevant ones that won’t be doing you any good.

16. Interact with current contacts – There’s no point building a relevant network if you never interact with any of them. Opportunities will all come from discussions and being on speaking terms with as many relevant contacts as possible.