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26 November 2021

Our Top 10 Most Influential HR Professionals



Daniel Whitmore


Career development


For today’s post, we’ve produced a round-up of the top 10 most important, influential and interesting HR professionals in the UK.

Alex Wilson – Group HR Director, BT

Alex has served as the Group HR Director at BT since 2002, a regular at industry conferences and chairman of the BT Benevolent fund, Alex is famous for pushing the boundaries of HR into new directions and challenging the difficulties currently facing the recruitment industry. Alex has a global perspective gained from both his HR and line management experience across North America, Asia and Europe.

Kevin Ball – HR Director, West Corporation

Kevin Ball is an experienced specialist in effective business communication. With a strong UK online presence, Kevin has shared his expertise and experience tips on and and pioneers a proactive approach to action and change in the HR industry.

Krista Ogburn Francis – HR Director and HR Blogger

Krista has been working in HR since 1996 and she sets herself apart from other industry high fliers as her focus is not only on pioneering HR business models – but the majority of her work has been within nonprofit services, bring expertise to HR outside of a corperate environment. Her blog, shares her various insights and knowledge of the industry.

Laurie Ruettimann – HR Professional, Speaker and Writer

Laurie is famous and well respected for changing the face of the HR industry. Not only is she an experienced professional who has worked for various companies such as Pfizer, Kemper Insurance and Unilever she now is one of the most influential HR speakers, attending and speaking at conferences across the globe. Alongside bringing an edge to the HR industry and driving a strong online community her specialist advice has been featured in various publications such as The New York Times, CNN and AOL.

Suzanne Lucas – HR Professional and Writer

With over 10 years in HR, Suzanne has turned her hand to writing useful advice to both HR professionals and those with issues within the workplace. She founded the successful HR blog which is one of the most established HR blogs globally. Currently living in Switzerland, Suzanne has been seen writing for US News and CNS Interactive.

Neil Morrison – Group HR Director, Random House

Working for big house hold brands such as Argos, Rentokil and Home Retail Group Neil Morrison has over 15 years experience in HR. He is a leading figure in creating new and innovative solutions to traditional HR and recruitment problems. Neil recognises that the currently HR industry needs to be radically improved on current HR best practice and to focus on more practical and long-term solutions.

Steve Browne – Executive HR Director, LaRosas

Steve Browne has over 16 years experience in HR across various niches and recognises the need for HR staff to integrate full with the entire business as a whole to streamline a company’s growth and strategy overall. He runs a well established HR blog where he offers practical and usable HR advice and solutions.

Graeme Martin – Professor at the University of Glasgow

Graeme currently lectures at the University of Glasgow. Following an early career in personnel and industrial relations management, he has published widely in the fields of HRM and change management. Graeme is an expert in one of the country’s foremost experts in HR and Business Management, having published six books on the subject, the most recent being Managing Corporate Reputations: Opportunities and Challenges.

Graham Salisbury – Head of HR at Tearfund, Lecturer

Graham Salisbury started his career as a teacher and since moved into the turbulent world of HR. He runs a successful HR blog which offers various resources, advice and tools for HR professionals. He has a strong online following and brings a flavour of humour and offers practical advice on current and topical issues within HR practice.

Peter Hros – Associate Manager

Peter Hros has 8 years experience in people management and runs a site dedicated for those interesting learning new techniques in a changing market. Having worked in various countries across the globe, Peter brings a focused and innovative approach to HR and Management, with a genuine passion and keen interest in the industry.

Let us know what you think of our choices in the comments – do you think we’ve missed any key HR professionals out?