Get More From LinkedIn With These 17 Tips

Get More From LinkedIn With These 17 Tips


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Optimising your presence on LinkedIn is as important as creating a well written CV. Below are 17 quick tips to get the most from the professional network.

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile (obvious but often overlooked)

2. Give (and request) recommendations instead of endorsements

3. Tell Your Story in the first person, not the third

4. Think about your target audience and adjust your content accordingly

5. Highlight key achievements

6. Avoid buzzwords but carefully include keywords

7. Use media to strengthen your brand

8. Don’t let your profile stagnate, update it regularly

9. Stop using a comical or poor quality profile photo

10. Get your headline right to appear in more search results

11. Customise your LinkedIn profile URL and use it to promote yourself on and offline

12. Follow and interact with industry influencers

13. Get involved in relevant groups

14. Share relevant content regularly and invite discussion

15. Filter out pointless endorsements

16. Interact with your current contacts

17. Don’t accept EVERY connection request, think quality over quantity