7 Linkedin articles from the CIPHR blog archives (that

7 Linkedin articles from the CIPHR blog archives (that will still help!)


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I’ve written a number of articles on the benefits of LinkedIn and how you can tinker about with your profile to make the most of the network. Below are 7 articles dedicated to LinkedIn that, although taken from the archives, are still relevant and will help you to optimise your efforts on the professional network.

8-tips-for-a-linkedin-profile-that-commands-attention-620x2401. 8 Tips For A LinkedIn Profile That Commands Attention

Standing out in a very crowded social network isn’t easy. Here’s 6 tips for a LinkedIn profile that commands attention and gets you noticed by the right people.”


2. 16 Quick Tips to Build a Great LinkedIn Profile

“LinkedIn has become a popular source of talent for employers and recruitment agencies alike. Ensuring that your profile is at the top of the search results is crucial during a job search and a personal branding priority.”


3. What NOT To Do On LinkedIn

“LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool for networking, marketing and building your company/personal brand. It can, however, also prove to be a very reliable way to discredit yourself and/or company and annoy other users.”


4. How To Make LinkedIn Work For You

“We all know that LinkedIn is the most popular online professional network and it’s potential if utilised correctly. Creating an effective, well-connected (which doesn’t  necessarily mean large) profile can lead to new connections, an improved personal brand or even a new career. Making mistakes or trying to game the system can have the complete opposite effect and leave you out in the virtual cold. Here’s some do’s and dont’s of LinkedIn etiquette.”


5. 8 Ways To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

“Getting noticed on LinkedIn (for the right reasons) isn’t really that difficult to achieve. It’s mostly common sense and getting involved. Below are 8 tips on getting started on the road of discovery. Being seen on LinkedIn can lead to new opportunities, projects and careers, so it’s well worth putting a little extra time in to get your profile and personal brand optimised.”


6. 7 Ways To Get More LinkedIn Profile Views

“Whether you’re increasing your network, looking for new opportunities or growing your influence as an industry expert, optimising to get more LinkedIn profile views is an important factor you need to consider.

With over 380 million users (and 2 new users signing up every second of the day)*, the network offers, for those who put the effort in, excellent potential to further their careers and meet exciting and influential new connections.”


7. Use LinkedIn To Embark On Your Dream Career

“LinkedIn’s used daily by millions of us. Usually we just log in to check Inmail and any updates. You could, however, use LinkedIn to embark on your dream career.

An increasing number of companies and agencies are using LinkedIn for their recruitment efforts. It even has a specific premium product called LinkedIn Recruiter which is not only growing in functionality but also in popularity with employers searching for talent.

While the network grows in popularity as a resource for applicants so too does the importance of taking the network seriously and managing your personal brand accordingly.”