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Off the shelf (OTS) eLearning courses offer organisations of all sizes a practical solution for delivering workplace training. From immediate availability to lower costs, explore the benefits of OTS coursses

Across all organisations, people teams work to ensure that employees have access to all the eLearning content needed to be successful in their roles. From mental health and wellbeing to cyber security and compliance, employees are encouraged to complete a variety of eLearning courses. With the right library of off the shelf eLearning content, organisations can improve efficiency and keep overheads low when delivering training activities.

Rather than dedicate time, budget and resources to creating eLearning content in-house, many savvy organisations are opting for off the shelf eLearning courses and content from trusted providers. OTS eLearning is pre-designed for a particular subject, topic, or theme. This can range from unconscious bias to information security – any topic you can imagine can easily be formatted into engaging, exciting eLearning.

Micro learning is a sub-category of eLearning and describes short-form video content, typically 10-15 minutes in duration, and is fast becoming the preferred choice. It complements busy work schedules, and is even more targeted than ‘traditional’ eLearning in that it is often focused on a particular piece of legislation, function, or skill.

Regardless of the eLearning content format you prefer, the ability to browse impressive libraries and effortlessly deliver workplace training can be pivotal for people teams. Top quality off the shelf eLearning content doesn’t need to cost a fortune; in fact, it may be one of the most cost-effective options, no matter the size of your organisation or the breadth of your training needs.

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So, why choose off the shelf eLearning content?

1. Off the shelf eLearning courses come at a lower cost

Off the shelf eLearning courses are set to go and ready to use as soon as you want – people teams don’t have to wait on design, course development, or beta testing.

As a result, this means reduced costs for your organisation. You can save the expense of hiring graphic designers or a dedicated eLearning instructor, the cost of storyboarding and recording sessions, as well as the usually high cost of video production. Instead, you can just purchase the online learning modules and add them to your learning management system (LMS) for employees to complete.

People teams can reinvest this saved cost into offering a larger library of voluntary training, role-specific upskilling, or offering broader optional learning to benefit the wider organisation.

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2. Buying eLearning courses means they are ready to use

Off the shelf eLearning courses are ready to use immediately once purchased and loaded into your LMS. Provided your eLearning platform is SCORM-compliant, you could be delivering brand new eLearning activities in a matter of days.

While bespoke eLearning courses require time for teams to gather the content, code the technical functionality, and build the course, off the shelf eLearning courses come with this work already done. Busy L&D teams don’t have to test the finished product, meaning employees can start completing the online courses right away. The added peace of mind that highly skilled, experienced instructors have developed the course, and that trusted eLearning providers have fine-tuned the delivery and format of the content ensures a positive experience for all.

With the time that HR teams can save, more of their focus and energy can be allocated to other strategic projects – including boosting employee engagement and improving the employee experience.

What’s more, once an eLearning course is purchased, it is infinitely reusable. This further reduces cost in both the short and long term, and ensures a positive return on investment (ROI).

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3. Off the shelf courses offer unparalleled expertise

Off the shelf eLearning content is brimming with expertise. From the storyboarding and concept, to presentation, production and delivery – you can be assured that every step of the process is underpinned by top-tier quality standards.

Instructors are selected based on their expertise, background and authority; this lends credibility and authenticity to each eLearning course, which is vital for its success. Key messaging is developed and refined, ensuring employees aren’t overwhelmed with unnecessary information or irrelevant context. Video editing and production considers accessibility and ease of use, and places the learning experience front-and-centre.

Employees, as a result, are likely to better understand and retain new information and knowledge. For people teams, this can result in a highly knowledgeable, engaged, and confident workforce.

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