How SaaS technology can benefit your HR team



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From saving time to giving you easier access to information, here are four ways SaaS HR can improve processes

Organisations are increasingly swapping their legacy HR software for more up-to-date, cloud-based solutions instead. SaaS– software as a service – HR systems allow HR staff to automate, streamline, and integrate necessary HR services, saving costs and time as a result. Here are four reasons to make the switch to SaaS HR solutions.

It’s more cost effective

With SaaS HR, you only pay for the functionality and modules you actually need, which could bring cost savings. The ongoing cost of ownership is also reduced, because maintenance of the system and environment are the responsibility of the vendor. This regular maintenance also means HR teams no longer have to deal with disaster recovery issues or face disruptive upgrades, because these are the supplier’s responsibility.

Regular updates not only save costs but also provide you with new features and the ability to purchase additional functionality as your organisation evolves and grows. This means that everything from security to the word processing program within the SaaS environment are always up to date.

SaaS HR solutions can also integrate with other applications through an open API, enabling data to flow between systems securely and automatically. Such solutions can improve data accuracy and integrity, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into your people metrics, and are cheaper and quicker to set up than FTP-based integrations.

You’ll save time

Top cloud HR systems remove the need for carrying out mundane activities by automating repetitive tasks. Integrating your HR tech via a central HR system will also remove the need to input data manually – giving you more time to prioritise other responsibilities such as improving employee engagement.

You’ll enjoy easier access to information

SaaS HR solutions allow employees to access all of their information from any location, using any internet-enabled device. So, if your people want to request time off or access benefit information, for example, they can do so from their mobile device, laptop or computer.

This ease of access is vital for organisations with employees who frequently work from home or outside the office. Everything an employee needs to make decisions (such as enrolling for healthcare), can be accessed away from the workplace, allowing for greater flexibility.

Enabling single sign-on to your HR solution makes it even easier for people to access their data. Using your organisation’s network username and password to log into your HR system – without having to use additional or alternative credentials – is a crucial identity and access management (IAM) service for many organisations. It also means flexible and remote workers can gain quick access to your HR software, and puts your organisation in control of access levels (rather than third-party software providers).

It will ensure compliance

HR teams have to deal with many documents, but today, paper documents are a thing of the past. With SaaS HR, all important documents can be saved and filed online, and can be easily accessed by HR when needed. As well as keeping your files secure (and helping you comply with the GDPR), you’ll also be able to access them quickly during an audit or compliance check.

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This article was first published in 2013. It was updated in March 2020 for freshness, clarity and accuracy.