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Ciphr’s talent management solution: Build a high performance workplace

Use Ciphr HR’s talent management platform to improve the strategic role of your HR team, and to improve employee performance. The talent management functionality within Ciphr HR can help you better understand your people, develop their potential and foster a culture of learning.

  • Track progress against objectives by recording a percentage value, the date of update, and add comments against each update

  • Report on the progress of employee and organisational objectives

  • Identify and anticipate staff training needs

  • Automate workflows to ensure appraisals and reviews are carried out on schedule

  • Make intelligent, evidence-based decisions about your people

  • Link Ciphr talent management with Ciphr LMS – Ciphr’s learning management system – to help you holistically develop your people

Improve employee engagement and satisfaction

Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of your people: their needs, personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses with Ciphr HR talent management.

Line managers can link employee objectives to development needs, job requirements and skills, and can identify and anticipate staff training needs. Employees can, as a result, see that their organisation is dedicated to developing their talent by making objectives relevant. For HR teams, this increased employee satisfaction can help you retain employees who want to grow within your organisation and attract new talent.

Succession planning

Develop top talent within your organisation and add value to your employer brand with Ciphr HR talent management.

HR and managers can:

  • Visualise top performers by inputting performance and potential ratings, which feed into a nine-box grid

  • Identify and build talent pools for business-critical roles

  • Auto-populate talent pools with a role’s direct reports, if those people satisfy your minimum nine-box grid criteria (criteria is specified by you)

  • Add employees from elsewhere in the organisation to specific talent pools

  • Allocate a person’s readiness for a new role

Strategic HR

The robust review and objective-setting processes within Ciphr HR’s talent management functionality can help you develop employees’ potential in line with strategic organisational goals – you can create as many organisational goals as you need, and link employee objectives to these company-wide goals.

Track and report on performance

Create dashboards to easily analyse data about different employee groups, such as direct reports, teams, and all employees. You can choose to report on the key metrics that matter most, – kudos points, development needs, or skills.

By analysing employee data, you can track their performance against objectives and key milestones and spot areas of development for employees. You can then take relevant action to help upskill employees who may be struggling.

What is talent management?

Talent management is the process that involves attracting, identifying, developing, engaging, and retaining employees to create a motivated and high-performing workforce. HR solutions such as Ciphr HR can help your organisation and HR team develop your people and increase employee engagement and satisfaction – leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

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