The Benefits Of Online Payslips

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Most businesses now actively encourage their employees to be more environmentally conscious. One of the most obvious actions to take is to cut down on the amount of printing.  Having a statement which reads something along the lines of “Please do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary” is common place on emails. Yet we still find it acceptable to print a large number of payslips on a regular basis?

Although most of us are happy to manage our personal finances via online banking, make payments for items over the internet and use software hosted in ‘the cloud’, the switch to epayslips seems to be low on many businesses objectives. Given the various benefits of moving to epayslips, it is surprising that the paper payslip is not something of the past.

24/7 Access

Payslips delivered electronically and stored online are instantly available on any device with an internet connection. Remote workers can access their information at the same time as office workers.

Cost Effective

No cost for paper, printing or the service to package and send the payslips.

Environmentally Friendly

Your carbon footprint is reduced by no longer using paper to print the payslips.


Many people believe that online payslips are not as ‘secure’ as a physical piece of paper. As you require a unique login to view your details, and that a paper payslip can be misplaced and is only protected by a paper envelope, it can be argued that epayslips are more secure.

Instant Access

ePayslips are published instantly, there is no need to wait for the packing and sending process that is required traditionally.

Historical payslips readily available

A full history of your epayslips can be accessed, particularly useful when proof of salary is required.

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