Eight benefits of HR software to employees



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Upgrading to new HR software or introducing your first HR system won’t just help your HR team. Here’s how it’ll support your people, with everything from daily admin to talent management, helping you to boost organisational productivity and profitability

Implementing new HR software will bring many advantages for you and your HR colleagues. The best HR systems will streamline your working processes, reduce the pressure of some day-to-day tasks, and support your long-term projects. But when submitting a budget request, your senior management team may ask: how will this investment benefit the rest of the organisation? What are the benefits of HR software to everyone else?

The good news is you can answer with many compelling ways that new HR software will benefit not just your HR department, but also the wider organisation. Here are just eight pertinent points to highlight how this investment will support all employees, boost productivity, and improve the employee experience.

1. It offers employees autonomy

Giving employees access to their own data – so they can check and update their own details – will make your HR information more accurate and up to date. It also puts them in control of actions such as booking holiday, managing absence, requesting training, and accessing digital payslips.

No one likes to wait for essential information, and, with a self-service HR system like Ciphr HR, your workers won’t have to; they’ll be able to instantly see information such as holiday allowances, work schedules, and the benefits available to them. Everything they may want to find out about their employment is there in a single system, ready to review at any time and from any location.

2. It’ll help to improve productivity

Your HR software can help to boost the productivity of managers, employees, and HR teams alike. Instead of spending time on repetitive tasks, your employees should be focusing more on those high-value assignments – and implementing HR software is one way to help transform your business digitally, as it can optimise productivity and therefore have a positive effect on business results.

There are a number of ways it can help your organisation. HR software creates a central point of contact so workers and managers have one place to check for information. And, because of this, it can also simplify performance management and empower team leaders to take action where required. It’s available on the move, too, so those staff members who are frequently out of the office or field-based can review details away from their desk.

3. It provides better visibility of employee information and data

Dealing with annual leave requests can be time consuming for both your HR team and managers. So having software that streamlines this process will benefit everyone in the company. It will also give you better visibility of who’s working, and when, meaning teams can better plan their workloads and your organisation can maintain its productivity.

Tracking leave isn’t limited to planned days off, though. HR software can also track and manage unplanned absences (such as sickness), and planned absences such as parental leave. Using your HR software’s reporting and analytics function, you’ll be able to monitor absence rates, calculate Bradford factor scores, highlight when absence is becoming a problem, and plan appropriate interventions.

4. Your data is more secure

It’s time to clear your filing cabinets of sensitive employee data. Better security is one of the most significant benefits of having HR software for your organisation, and will help you be GDPR-compliant.

Using cloud HR software means your employee data will be protected from physical catastrophes that could affect your office location, such as fire or flooding. That’s because you can access data from any location with either a computer or mobile device. Make sure you select HR software that’s ISO 27001-certified – such as Ciphr HR – as this will ensure you have a high level of security for your data.

5. You’ll manage talent and performance more effectively

This is an important part of your organisation’s success story, and can be supported with the options available in your HR software. So when attracting top applicants to open roles, for instance, your HR team can use recruitment tools to advertise these positions in the most effective channels. HR and recruitment software such as Ciphr will help you create a smooth, efficient process, while onboarding software (such as Ciphr Onboarding) will help your new starter become a valuable member of your organisation sooner.

Then, once you’ve created a strong team, your HR software will become a crucial component in retaining your talent. It can support people at every stage of your employee lifecycle  – keeping them engaged, developing their skills, and offering career advancement opportunities within your company. It can also help you identify star talent, build succession plans, and identify flight risks.

6. It will add to your organisational culture

So how can you maintain employee engagement with your HR software? We’re conditioned to engage when we work with colleagues in a physical environment (eg in the office) but, as hybrid working is now a viable option for many people, that might not happen for those who work remotely. Selecting HR software that includes a reward and recognition feature can help; this enables you to celebrate achievements, share company updates, and even chat to other employees, helping to keep team morale high.

7. You’ll save time and money

Routine admin tasks can take up a lot of time for your HR team – time that could be spent on other duties and projects. With a self-service option available with your HR software, your people can do some of these jobs themselves. It means your HR team may concentrate on other activities, such as training and hiring, while staff aren’t waiting for answers to their questions.

This will save money on workforce-related costs, too, and increase your focus on improving the working environment. It can also lead to higher profitability, as productivity and compliance improve.

8. It’ll help you create a better digital employee experience

Employees expect digital services and applications at work to at least be on par with those they use in their personal time. They’ll want to book annual leave and check company policies as easily as they can order food or review cinema times. So implementing HR software with a user-friendly interface will create a positive impression of your department: one that’s forward-thinking and can support them to build an effective workforce.

Staff can take control because they can perform tasks such as completing courses, checking benefits, and submitting holiday requests. And, since your HR team will have more resources to focus on other projects, the employee experience will gain a further positive effect.

If your HR team is considering a software solution to empower your workforce, streamline processes and improve the experience for everyone at your organisation, book a demonstration of Ciphr’s solutions now.