3 questions to ask when trying to improve employee experience


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2017 is fast approaching and one of the prominent HR trends is the focus on employee experience and how to improve it. From engaging employees through more strategic onboarding processes to improving innovation by incorporating smart technology, there are numerous factors to take into consideration when reviewing your employees’ experience.

1. Are you tracking engagement across your organisation?

One way to track engagement is to carry out employee surveys to find out which areas of your business employees are most and least satisfied with. Make sure that you use questions which cover training, recruitment and onboarding, as well as questions about your company’s culture and how it is perceived by employees. Use your results to target areas of your organisation that your employees feel could be improved.

2. What are you doing to drive company culture and improve engagement?

Make sure that employees get the best impression of your business from start to finish. Attracting top talent is your first step towards making a positive impression on potential employees. It’s important that you promote your brand and engage with a broad base of candidates, with a system that can be configured to match your needs. Broaden the opportunities for people to see your job adverts through social media, job boards and a system that has agency integration.

“The recruitment portal is not just about us, it is about the candidates’ journey and early feedback indicates significant improvements here with easy navigation of CIPHR – a user friendly system. The new portal looks more professional and communication with candidates and hiring managers is more prompt and relevant.” – Lawn Tennis Association

Your website needs to appeal to potential employees and an effective onboarding strategy will enable you to create an engaging experience for new employees and give them an understanding of your company culture.

“We really wanted to empower employees from day one. We wanted them to feel like they were already part of the company and not a new starter. CIPHR’s onboarding hub gave employees access to current employee feedback, an induction to their benefits and an insight into our company culture. CIPHR has proved to be incredibly valuable and has really helped employees to start their journey with us.” – Zoopla Property Group

3. Do you have a long-term engagement strategy?

Good recruitment and onboarding processes are the first steps, but what are you doing to ensure employees want to continue working for you? One way to do this is to manage your performance development strategy effectively by keeping track of employee development across your business.

A system that helps you to identify, record and address employees’ training requirements will broaden skill sets within your company and improve retention. The ability to report on all of this information will help you to target teams or individuals who are in need of training.

“We reviewed our performance development review process and set this up online with CIPHR, it has had a positive impact on employee engagement, supporting a cultural shift to increased conversations about performance.” – Walsall Housing Group

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