2 November 2017

Five strategies to help you love your job again


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


Career development


We all go through patches where we’re not as enthused about our day job as we could be, it’s natural. If you’ve been feeling unhappy in your role for an extended amount of time, then it’s a good idea to consider the below in order to improve your situation.

1. What is it that you value?

Figuring out what it is that you DO like, and value, about your job is as important as establishing what it is that you don’t like. Consider the following areas:

  • The people you work with
  • The environment you work in
  • Job security
  • Your career goals
  • Do you believe in what the business stands for and is trying to achieve?

It may well be the case that the things you like about your job far outnumber those that you dislike, you just need to see it written down to appreciate it.

2. Figure out what it is that you dislike?

Sit down and think about what it is that you don’t like about your job. It’s usually the case that there are specific elements of your working day that are the issue.

Once you have the reasons written down you can work towards improving them and making your day better.

3. Change things that are in your control

change your career

If there are some positive changes which you can make to the environment that you work in then make them. If the office is so loud that you can’t concentrate move desks or request a small desk divider to help block the sound.
Processes can be changed and improved if they cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, it may simply require a chat with your manager. There are many tools available that can automate part or all of a particular business process. This type of automation will free your time in order for you to concentrate on more proactive tasks.

If there are improvements that can be made to your working day, then make suggestions and help to implement them. It’s probably the case that these issues are not just affecting you but your colleagues too.
Improving the working environment for your office will not only help you to like your job again but could also earn you some brownie points too!

4. Start a side gig

One way to ascertain if the grass really is greener is by exploring other career options through starting a side gig. side gig
If you have an interest or passion in addition to your day job it can be difficult to balance, but when done correctly can offer great clarity on career priorities. While we would all love to turn our passion into a full-time career, a side gig can also remind us what we like about our primary jobs.

As you’ll work primarily alone on a side gig it may also help you to appreciate the help you get from your colleagues on a daily basis.
A side gig will also help you to improve your time management skills which in turn may make your daily workload more controllable.

5. Improve or ditch your commute

Do you dread your commute to and from work? Even if you love what you do once you finally get to the office a long tedious commute will likely have already ruined your day.
Office for National Statistics figures show 3.7 million workers travel for two hours or longer every weekday. That’s over 25% of the standard work day.

If the commute is part of the problem, then investigate how it can be improved or even eradicated from your schedule.

  • Would it help your commuting time if you changed your hours slightly?
  • Would there be less stress caused if you were able to avoid the rush hour and actually get a seat on the train or bus?
  • Would you still get caught in the daily traffic jams if you could start work earlier?

Changing your hours may make the commute a little less painful but what about avoiding it altogether?daily commute
Telecommuting is no longer a luxury, it’s a normal way to work. The world is increasingly online and today most business systems are delivered via SaaS enabling workers to carry out their day from wherever they are at any time of day or night.
As such working from home is no longer an issue when it comes to productivity or communication.