8 Elements Your HR System Should Include In 2014

8 Elements Your HR System Should Include In 2014


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Technology advances have benefited businesses and people in many ways. Augmented reality, 3D printing and 4G were unheard of 5 years ago. Now you can wear technology, translate any language, receive directions through your glasses and be constantly aware of your vital signs as you work out. But what about HR systems, what should you expect from your people data software, and it’s supplier, in 2014?

Available anywhere, anytime

Software as a Service (SaaS) has enabled businesses to benefit from 24/7 access to its people data for over 15 years*. The cloud enables employees and managers to access to their data as and when they need it, on demand, without the constraints of location or time. This level of access is no longer a ‘nice to have’ and is considered the standard way to implement a system.
Access isn’t the only benefit with such a service –  security, technology updates, support and cost are all advantages of SaaS.

* SaaS offered by Ciphr for over 10 years

Mobile access

hr-system-mobile-availabilityThe ability to access your HR system from anywhere is, as mentioned above, a huge leap forward compared to 10 years ago, but that may not always be convenient (or possible) using a laptop. Mobile access is now an expected medium by which to access people data on the move. Whether this be to book or verify leave, update information or remind yourself of details of a new employee, instant access to your data, from multiple devices, should be a feature of your HR system in 2014.

Simple yet powerful

Intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful tools which complement your other business systems are essential in 2014. As we all get busier and expect more from the solutions we use, a system that allows you to find, update, analyse, report on and build strategies based upon you data are increasingly critical.
A system that claims to do everything but make the tea for you, but isn’t initiative, will be time-consuming and require potentially costly training. Similarly, a system that requires developer level knowledge to complete the simplest of tasks is not a system that will attract the use and engagement of the employee base and all levels of user.


Software should be adaptable to your company needs, both now and in the future. No business stays the same for long, and a business solution needs to be able to accommodate any changes that it’s customers need to make moving forward.

More than just a supplier

Your supplier has a vested interest in working with you and seeing you make the most from the software that they’ve provided you. The better you utilise the system, the more likely you are to invest in it, and less likely to look elsewhere for a new solution. With this in mind any software supplier should partner with your business and offer their time and effort, making sure that you’re happy with, and maximising the use of, your HR system.

Social, but not for the wrong reasons

Ciphr_PinterestAny business should have an online presence, what makes the difference is whether a business uses this medium to engage, be creative and create content that’s interesting and educational. If a brand is passionate about what they do then this will show in the content they create and share, how they interact within networks and the time dedicated to these activities.
Updates exclusively selling products, and never anything else, is not the sign of a passionate business that is actively trying to engage with people and share industry knowledge.
Articles and updates about the latest news, helpful tips and interesting viewpoints should be a regular addition to the brands site and blog.

Available instantly

Social support now means that end users expect a brand to respond within minutes online. A Tweet on Twitter or a message via Facebook is seen as a normal channel to contact a supplier regarding a question. Brands need to be able to monitor and act using this medium in order to engage and support its client base.

Adaptable (again)

As with the software that they supply, a supplier also needs to be adaptable as an organisation. Industries change, as do customer requirements, and technology moves forward,  a successful brand should not only be able to adapt to this, but capitalise on the these changes and use them to benefit of their business and that of their clients.

Does your current HR software offer all of the above? Give us a call to find out how Ciphr can enable your business to truly maximise your people data.