10 Ways To Spend Your Lunch break Besides Eating
8 October 2015

10 Ways To Spend Your Lunch break Besides Eating


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


Career development


How much of your lunch break is spent furthering your knowledge or learning something new? In an hour a day there’s so much you can achieve.

1) Learn a new language – It might take a few lunch breaks but it’s possible!

2) Work towards that six pack – an hour a day improving your fitness is great for both body and mind!

3) Maintain your personal brand – Updating LinkedIn and your other network profiles will help to keep your personal brand in check and up to date.

4) Discover new productivity soundtrack – Finding new tracks to help you concentrate and focus will ensure a productive afternoon.

5) Write a daily blog – Ever wanted to publish your own blog articles, an our a day is more than enough time to share your thoughts and reinforce your personal brand.

6) Write a novel – Take your creative writing one step further and write a novel!

7) Get some Christmas shopping done – If you’re like me then you hate Christmas shopping. Even if it’s September, you can use lunch breaks to split Christmas shopping into manageable chunks and get it done before the inevitable rush, saving you stress and panic in December.

8) Watch a TV series that you’ve been told is great – We all have a friend or colleague that recommends great new TV series. Use your lunchtime to catch up on what the fuss is all about and provide a topic of discussion with your work mates.

9) Learn to play an instrument – Ever wanted to play the guitar? Don’t put it off any longer, learn in your lunch hour.

10) Call a friend you’ve not spoken to for a while – For a real feel good afternoon, get in touch with an old friend in your lunch break.