7 July 2015

Why You Should Be Empowering Your Employees As Brand Ambassadors


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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Many companies are sitting on a marketing and promotional goldmine and might not even know it – your everyday employees. Workplace branding has quickly become a popular strategy to engage and empower your people to become effective brand representatives and loyal employee advocates. After all, who knows your company, products, services, and values better than the people who work for you?

Branding your business

Branding your business is an important part of communicating what your company is all about. It is the heart of your promise to your customers.
An effective brand strategy can increase the value of your company and allow the product or service you sell to stand above your competitors by reputation and recognition alone. One might think of Apple.

effective brandingThrough effective marketing and extensive brand creation, they are known for creating quality and beautiful products, which in turn allows them to demand higher prices.
Customers buy their products without the spoil of high cost and with incessant loyalty. This is the essence of successful branding.

Chances are, your company’s brand is not a massively successful, well-oiled machine quite like Apple’s. So what can you do to increase the value of your own brand?

To begin, it’s important to note when presented with different choices in the market, consumer awareness is the key to increasing your customer base, and positively exposing your brand is necessary for building that awareness.
This is where your employees can assist in representing and promoting your company, testifying their loyalty and approval, which can effectively increase the value of your brand.

Utilise the power of your people

Businessmen And Businesswomen Meeting To Discuss IdeasRecent surveys have shown that credibility is currently much higher with regular employees than with company executives. When a consumer hears the company vision and promise from the everyday employee, it resonates as more sincere. Empowering your employees to engage in the promotion and marketing of your brand directly is one of the best ways to improve your current standing and potential future with your consumers.

Utilise the power of your employees to sway the audience in your favor by offering an outlet to connect regularly with them. Luckily, in the digital age, marketing and communicating with your consumers is easier than ever.
Social media can carry a lot of weight, bringing in thousands, or even millions, of potential new customers to your site, and creating an interactive marketing hub.

A great way to start the employee engagement process is by utilising their voices on these social media sites, and by interacting with them on networking platforms, like Social Chorus, forming an interrelated community of information. Companies like Adobe have had great success in creating this kind of environment, where employees are personally involved, informed, and inspired to share their voices through various social channels.
Maintaining a genuine relationship with your employees through effective and relevant communication and encouraging a sense of shared ownership can help to solidify their support of your company, but it can also ensure the information they share is parallel to your brand message.

Engage with your people

award employeesIt’s also important to understand that, while meaningfully interacting with employees can indeed inspire them to feel a part of the company community, they should also be recognised and rewarded for their efforts.
Of course, an increase in salary or paid vacation time is always a benefit, but research has shown that personal and peer recognition is a much more effective tool for increasing productivity and gaining their long term support.

Try some different ideas to reward your employees, like having a Thank You video posted on YouTube or taking them and their family out for a congratulatory dinner after completing a successful project. Letting your employees know that you care about them and the quality of their work can inspire them to remain loyal and extremely motivated.

An excellent marketing campaign strives to communicate the message of your brand and convey the mission of your company through a sincere and emotional connection with your consumers. With the increasing loss of credibility in hearing this message directly from company CEO’s and higher management, utilising the voices of your everyday employees is now more important than ever. As it has been proven, brand advocacy is an integral part of modern day marketing.

Create the right environment

happy environmentBegin by creating the perfect environment in your workplace; one that nourishes winning and rewarding experiences. When your employees are happy with their work and the company they work for, their testimonies will shine with an enthusiasm and respect that consumers will flock to.
Go even further and implement a networking system that employees can engage with, learn from, and spread the brand message directly to their online community.
By increasing employee knowledge of what your brand stands for, and by creating the platform and appeal to share their love of your products or services, you are effectively creating a widespread and fruitful marketing campaign.

Start building a team of empowered and inspired employees, and unleash the power of your brand ambassadors!