What Is The Banking Industry Looking For In Its Future Employees?


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The banking industry is one of the most competitive sectors to secure a career in. Positions within banking can be both exciting, and offer a unique opportunity to work with a wide range of businesses and clients.

But what sort of people are banks looking to hire?

Business savvy

The banking industry is all about business. A solid knowledge of business, as well a keen eye on the upcoming financial trends, will help set you aside from your peers. Being enthusiastic about the latest skills and techniques being used in the banking sector, as well as the intuition to implement them, will help you go a long way.

People skills

The banking sector calls for high levels of communication in both a written and personal sense. The banking industry is based on the interactions between a wide variety of people. Having the confidence to converse with others from a wide range of backgrounds is a key requirement.

Strong communicator

Communication skills aren’t the only requirement when dealing with people in the banking sector, a good grasp of written communication is also vital. No matter what role you decide to apply for in the banking industry, it is highly likely that you will be selling products and services to people that require you to document loans and justify credit analyse on a daily basis. Possessing a strong set of written communications skills will allow you to produce a high standard of work which is beneficial for both your business and customers.

Dedicated attitude

The banking sector has a reputation for long and unpredictable working hours, which many find incredibly stressful. A career in banking demands a lot of hard work, time and dedication. If you want to succeed within this industry then it’s vital that you know that the work will be incredibly demanding, and at times your personal life might have to be put on hold. However, the time investment you make at the start of your career will increase the chances of a highly paid, varied career with development opportunities.

What do you think? Do you work in banking? What would you say are the personality traits someone needs to succeed in this sector?