Will HR Embrace Virtual Reality In 2016?




With products such as Oculus Rift set to make virtual reality (VR) an affordable appliance in the near future, is there a place for such technology in the workplace? Here are some of the possible applications of VR that could make for a very interesting future.

Virtual Interviews

Video interviews have been utilised by many brands for some time now, but the ability to conduct an immersive and interactive interview from anywhere could be an appealing option to employers and applicants alike.
If VR becomes more affordable and part of everyday life then we could apply for, and succeed in getting, a position at a business that we have never actually visited in reality.

SaaS is now the standard way to access and utilise software, allowing us to work from any location, why should the recruitment process be any different?

vr in HR

Tour your new workplace from the comfort of your home

The onboarding process is another area that could benefit greatly from VR.
Allowing new employees to tour your workplace prior to their start date, without the need to assign resources to show them around, and explaining key areas ‘should’ be beneficial, but can it replace the personal touch?

By giving a future employee the choice of how long they spend touring your offices, and being able to properly digest information about the role in their own time, you’re increasing the effectiveness of that part of your onboarding process.

Provide immersive and practical training from anywhere

Training can be provided as an experience, as opposed to sitting in front of a computer screen in a sterile environment; it can be provided without the need to travel to a training site, therefore avoiding costs and the need to stay away from home overnight.

Brands hosting training courses will no longer need to have dedicated rooms and equipment for training, should VR become commonplace.

3D renderings of products can be viewed and used to explain how they are used in greater detail.

virtual meeting

Collaborate with colleagues on the next level

Virtual meetings will live up to their name. Even when separated by thousands of miles you could meet with colleagues in a true virtual room.
Demonstrations, presentations and discussions can all take place as though they are in the same location.

The convenience of being able to share information in interactive 3D will enable departments to work together, as if in the same room, from across the globe.

Give 360 degree presentations

‘Death by Powerpoint’ will hopefully become a thing of the past as presenters will be able to take their audience on a virtual journey to show them their ideas, achievements and suggestions.

Imagine being able to not just simply show your ideas to people on a flat slide containing text, images and charts, but being able to illustrate points using 3D renderings that you can touch and manipulate in the virtual world! Powerful stuff that’s sure to enable employees and brands to add real impact to what they’re trying to portray.

The above all sounds a bit like the Matrix doesn’t it…?