16 April 2021

Ciphr and fastP.A.Y.E announce partnership to empower HR teams with the tools they need for superior employee experiences

The new partnership offers HR teams flexible solutions to manage and retain talent with progressive financial wellbeing solutions


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The new partnership offers HR teams flexible solutions to manage and retain talent with progressive financial wellbeing solutions

Ciphr, a leading UK provider of SaaS HCM solutions, has today (16 April 2021) announced a new partnership with fastP.A.Y.E, which offers a flexible wage app for a new, ethical way for employees to access some of their already earned money before payday.

The partnership places the spotlight firmly on superior employee experiences. It empowers employees to access their salary early, while HR teams remain in control. Together with Ciphr’s people management solutions, HR now has all the tools necessary to attract and retain top talent.

Matt Russell, chief commercial officer at Ciphr, commented, “With our HCM platform, Ciphr Connect, and our Connect partnership model, we’re creating new opportunities for HR to be less admin dependant and, instead, tackle the bigger more strategic people issues. One such issue is financial wellbeing, and I’m delighted that Ciphr is entering this exciting partnership with fastP.A.Y.E.

“In the post-pandemic climate, HR teams need to recognise that financial pressures are inevitable and cause staff great distress. Our partnership underlines our belief that HR teams should prioritise great employee experiences throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding, training, and development, retention and offboarding.”

fastP.A.Y.E helps employees to better manage their finances. It is fully configurable for organisations to keep control of when and how much employees can access while removing the need for them to rely on very expensive short-term credit.

Lee Bowden, chief revenue officer at fastP.A.Y.E, commented, “fastP.A.Y.E is extremely proud and excited to partner with Ciphr. The ethical and sustainable elements that are at the core of the flexible wage service, are very much in line with that of Ciphr, in that we are both simply all about people.

“For many years Ciphr has been at the very forefront of HR innovation and as organisations look to really focus on their people, being able to offer a product that delivers an array of benefits for both employers and employees shows that they are continuing with that visionary philosophy. The partnership will add a new and dynamic staff financial wellbeing element to an already fantastic portfolio of products, designed to build the very best people-centric strategies so organisations can adapt to the new ways people work and want to manage their lives.”