10 Quick Tips To Build Your Employer Brand
11 February 2014

10 Quick Tips To Build Your Employer Brand


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


Recruitment and retention


Attracting and retaining talent should be part of every business strategy, and a large part of this strategy is your employer brand. The internet allows a company to reinforce a positive brand message through the use of social media, review sites (such as Glassdoor) and corporate blogs. Continually improving and enhancing your brand will compliment any recruitment efforts and help build an engaged and happy workforce. Below are 10 quick tips on the areas you should be paying particular attention to when planning and implementing your employer branding strategy.

1) Be clear and consistent

If you’ve a muddled, confusing or over complicated brand message it’s probably not going to attract many people to believe in it, let alone promote it to others. Make sure that your messaging is simple and quick to explain and understand, this will enable your employees and brand ambassadors to remember it easily and share with other without losing anything in translation. Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful medium and any messaging should be optimised for use in such channels.
Once you’ve established an employer brand, don’t start altering your message or trying to change the core values held therein, you’ll soon lose the interest of employees and potential champions of your brand.

2) Sort out your online presence

Making sure that your various profiles, sites and articles are all aligned with your brand is important. People will search and review your company using many different sites. Ensuring that you’ve optimised your messaging and that it’s consistent across all mediums will ensure that there is no confusion regarding your brand. Remember when you update your profile on one site, update it on them all.

3) Start at the beginning, in person

Taking the time to speak to, and meet, candidates in person will reinforce your employer brand and start the onboarding process with a strong message, that your brand cares about it’s employees and has the time to treat them as individuals. Ensuring that an employee is aware of, and in agreement with, your employer brand from the first contact will, over time, instill the messaging throughout your workforce and ingrain it in the company culture.

4) Make sure comms aren’t one directional

group of engaged employeesListening and interacting with others online is as important as marketing your brand. Commenting, discussing and getting involved in relevant industry groups and forums will reinforce your presence and influence in your market, as well as showing that your an employer that’s genuinely interested in engaging with others, both online and in person.
A brand that only broadcasts it’s message and never interacts will soon lose respect and interest from people that might otherwise be brand advocates.

5) Tell your story

Explaining why your company does what it does is a great way to attract people of a similar mindset. Explaining what sort of people work for you, and why they’re important, is an effective way of not only showing your appreciation for the talent you already employ, but also set your expectations for applicants in a non formal way. Relaying your passion for what you do will inspire others and attract real interest, just what you need in new and existing customers.

6) Let people know why your different

“Why should people come to your business as opposed to your competitors?”, “what sets you above the rest of the industry?” and “why would someone want to work for you, rather than someone else in your field?” are all questions that you should be answering as part of your employer brand strategy. People should be actively seeking employment with you as a result of your employer brand and image.

If your not promoting yourself, and why your brand is special, then why would anyone want to work for you?

7) Choose social and passionate people

Selecting the right talent for your organisation isn’t a simple case of “can they do the job?” anymore. Great employees should also be passionate about what you do as a brand, and more than willing to share that with others. A workforce who like to tell others about what a great place your business is to spend their working day are your best marketing tactic. When sharing on social media, a few positive comments form your employees can soon spread and become common knowledge among their contacts and connections (as can negative comments!).

8) Make employees feel special

employee-recognitionRecognising your employees, making them feel special and showing that they’re valued by the business will help to retain and keep them content and happy in their role.

Sharing employee successes with the rest of the business and your customers, awarding them for a job well done and special mention for those who go beyond the call of duty in their role are all great ways to reinforce a strong employer brand as well as build trust and respect within the employee base.

Implementing structured employee recognition programs is the perfect way to improve wellbeing, trust and employee engagement within an organisation.

9) Be open

Allowing customers and potential future employees to glimpse what life’s like at your offices is an effective way to engage people while producing unique and interesting content. People like to see a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into a brands day to day activities, and will also appreciate the honesty. It’s also a great opportunity for you as a brand to show how much work goes into your product or service.

10) Get visual

Instagram-for-businessImagery allows you to tell a story in a more visual way. Sharing photos of your employees, interesting events and your products will all attract people to your brand. Networks such as Pinterest and Instagram are excellent tools to allow you to share this type of media quickly and easily.
Imagery on Twitter immediately draws the eye to your brand and lets you stand out against the other tweets in a users feed. Using such imagery to tell your employer story should definitely be part of your brand strategy.


Integrating your employer brand into your onboarding processes is key to an effective recruitment, branding and retention strategy. Ciphr offer a complete onboarding process through our SaaS HR solutions, enabling businesses to attract and retain top talent while reducing administration and time consuming tasks. To find out more call us on 01628 814242 or email [email protected]