26 November 2021

11 Things You Can Do Today To Turbocharge Your Career


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


Career development


Getting noticed or knowing what to do for the good of your professional growth isn’t always easy. Luckily, we’ve put together 11 things you can do today to turbocharge your career.

1Smarten up (even if it’s a little)

smart casual dressMany brands operate a relaxed dress policy (we do at Ciphr for office-based staff). You don’t need to come to work every day in a 3 piece suit, just spruce yourself up a bit with a casual shirt and trousers.
The same goes for footwear, scruffy two year old trainers can be replaced with a pair of casual shoes.

Looking like you’ve just fallen out of bed won’t do you any favours when it comes to improving your chances of being seen as a team leader, manager or leader in general.

If you’re not growing a beard or sporting fetching designer stubble then have a shave, you’ll feel refreshed and look ready for the day ahead.

2Be seen as the ‘go to’ guy or gal

If you’re asked for a favour, as long as it doesn’t impede your daily duties and deadlines, try to help out as best you can.
The more people around the business you can assist, the more you’ll be seen as a multi-skilled and helpful member of the team.

The more people from around the business you can interact and collaborate with, the better your knowledge of their area of the business and what they do. It’s also a great way to meet colleagues that you may not know that well.

3Become unflappable

unflappable employeeIt’s sometimes difficult, but try to remain calm and think rationally about your work. If you can achieve this then you’ll make better decisions and be seen as someone that can complete challenging projects efficiently and without getting flustered.

The ability to remain calm under pressure is also a desirable quality that businesses actively look for, not only in applicants, but also for internal promotions.

4Get social on and offline

Getting to know your colleagues socially is a great way to learn how people tick, but also to strike up new friendships.
It’s often the case that people will work better together if they socialise as well. Connecting with colleagues on social media helps you and them to bond and become more cohesive as a team.

5Be proactive and ‘give it a go’

Pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone’s a good way to learn new skills and become more confident. Speaking at the company meeting, attending customer events or meeting clients in person, whatever it is, offer your services and don’t wait to be asked, people will notice your pro-active nature.

Offering yourself up for new challenges will also add variety into your daily schedule, stimulating your creativity and giving you a break from the regular routine.

6Be seen as a brand advocate

Spreading the word about how wonderful your employers brand is will not only help you to get noticed as an advocate, but also do wonders for the business’s publicity too. As well as the marketing side of things, it’s also important to represent the company positively.

When you’re speaking on the phone, in person or over the internet, you need to remember that you’re a reflection of the brand and act accordingly.

7Make people laugh

happy employeeYou don’t have to be the office clown, but by being upbeat and cheery you’ll improve morale and make people’s day a bit brighter.

Laughter’s a great way to reduce stress and helps people cope with the strains of everyday work life. If you can provide them with this laughter then they’ll remember it, whether they’re a colleague or management.

8Offer your opinion

You shouldn’t be afraid to offer your opinion on business matters when you feel it is of value and constructive. By suggesting alternative solutions, new ideas for business strategies or even ways to improve existing processes, you’ll show that you’ve given thought to current company matters and want to help drive the business forward.

‘Yes men’ don’t offer a business anything, they just massage their superior’s egos, debating topics in a sensible and orderly way often helps to resolve issues and benefit everyone.

9Stay true to yourself

Don’t try and be someone you’re not. As long as you give 100% then you should progress in your career. If you feel compelled to put on an act or don’t receive the credit you deserve then you’re probably in the wrong job or company and it’s time to move on.

10Show your appreciation

reciprocity-benefitsLack of appreciation can cause low morale, bad feelings and even resignations. When something’s as simple, yet so powerful, as simply showing someone that you appreciate their help or efforts, why doesn’t it happen more?

Simply saying thank you to those who deserve it will stand you apart from others within the business that ignore the efforts of employees.

When people are looking for leadership, one trait that they take note of is the ability to acknowledge hard work. As a result you’ll gain trust and respect.

11Enjoy what you do

If you don’t enjoy what you do at work then you’ll never give it your all. You spend a lot of time working and if it’s not making you happy then you should find an alternative that will.

Once you’ve found your niche then your career should progress naturally.