17 December 2013

8 Tips When Launching A Company Intranet That Employees Will Actually Use


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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Every company’s employee strategy should have engagement and collaboration at the top of it’s priority list. One of the most useful tools for achieving these goals is a company intranet. Systems such as Ciphr’s mobile HR software allow a business to promote and encourage a greater sense of unification, which in turn will improve company culture, cohesiveness and productivity.

There are a few elements that you can add to an intranet, both front end and behind the scenes, that can encourage your workforce to adopt and actively participate on a company intranet.

1 – Make things easy

If there’s one thing that will cause your intranet to fail before it even starts, it’s non intuitive, long winded functionality. No one wants to use a system that takes 20 minutes to update a status or is complicated to use. Make sure that your system is quick and easy to use, all areas of the intranet should be clearly laid out and simple to navigate to, and that employees are happy with how to use it.

It should be a painless process to sign up, create profiles and start to interact within the system, after all, that’s why such a resource has been implemented. An unintuitive intranet will result in new users becoming frustrated with long winded processes, and losing interest quickly.

2 – Share success stories, and encourage others to do the same

Ensure good news is shared with employees, regarding both the business and social aspects, and that employees are encouraged to share similar news of their own. Publishing uplifting news will encourage employees to view and use the system on a regular basis, as well as improve morale and help to create a sense of wellbeing.
Anything from new customers to an individual employees successes should be shared, it’s this type of news that people like to read, and will return to do so.

3 – Create champions

Naming employees and thanking them for a job well done is another excellent way in which to improve engagement and engagement. Running competitions among the workforce, and announcing the results online will create healthy competition within certain teams or the business as a whole. If the competition is based on work related tasks or projects then it will also help to improve productivity.
Employees that are actively contributing to the intranet can also be awarded a ‘thank you’. Points or whatever reward you see fit for championing the system can be issued, this will encourage other employees to do the same.

4 – Visuals, visuals, visuals

Any intranet should contain media as well as text for increased interest and greater variety of content. Images video and presentations can all be used effectively to improve the aesthetics of any system. These could be industry, employee or socially related. As long as the content is appropriate for an office environment then it should be encouraged.
A business dashboard can be published to inform and update employees of company progress against varying targets. Charts that show the top users of the system and other intranet specific stats can also be published for additional interest. The easier the information is to read, the less time it will take out of a users daily routine.

5 – No one should go unheard

Forums are a great resource for information and collaboration. Within these forums, questions should always be responded to. This does not mean that every question must be answered immediately, but the employee asking the question should feel that they are not doing so in vane. If a question cannot be answered then it can be investigated and discussed offline. Once a solution is found, the forum can be updated appropriately. Collaboration is a two way street, unresponsive forums will have a negative impact on the growth of the system.

Equally, suggestions and comments regarding the intranet itself should be responded to and acted upon. Knowing that they have a say in the future functionality and ongoing development of the system will encourage a feeling of ownership and engagement among employees.

6 – Make a game of it

Gamifying an intranet is a very useful way to encourage activity and acceptance among users. Awarding points for achievements such as a completed profile, answered questions, or popular updates. A league of the top users can also be used as a visual way to reward those for being a collaborative and engaged member of staff. Most people have a competitive streak, however strong, and this can be capitalised upon to increase usage of the intranet through the use of gamification.

Gamification is known to be an effective method to encourage interaction and the completion of certain set tasks, and is a valuable tool. Some interesting and compelling gamification stats include:

  • Vendors claim that gamification can lead to a 100% to 150% pickup in engagement metrics including unique views, page views, community activities, and time on site
  • 63% of adults agree that making everyday activities more like a game would make them more fun and rewarding
  • 51% of adults agree that if a layer of competition were added to everyday activities, they’d be more likely to keep closer watch of their behavior in those areas
  • Spotify and Living Social: replaced annual reviews with a mobile, gamified solution with over 90% of employees participating voluntarily
  • Deloitte: training programs that are gamified took 50% less time to completeand massively improved longterm engagement

Sources: https://www.yukaichou.com | https://www.getmoreengagement.com

7 – Encourage employees social and business side

It’s important that social updates be allowed on the intranet, if 100% of updates are too corporate you run the risk of the system being seen as little more than a notice board for management. Updates regarding charity work, social outings and announcements about employees should all be encouraged. Including links to social profiles of users will also encourage a social connection outside of work, creating a closer community within the employee base.

8 – Encourage employee self promotion

Allowing employees to self promote themselves regarding their hobbies, achievements outside of work or life milestones is another way to encourage interaction. As long as the information is appropriate, it should be encouraged. If employees feel that there’s a certain amount of personal gain to be had from using the system, they will use it.

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