8 Ways To Get Noticed On LinkedIn


Career development


Getting noticed on LinkedIn (for the right reasons) isn’t really that difficult to achieve. It’s mostly common sense and getting involved. Below are 8 tips on getting started on the road of discovery. Being seen on LinkedIn can lead to new opportunities, projects and careers, so it’s well worth putting a little extra time in to get your profile and personal brand optimised.

#1 Change you LinkedIn profile URL

As standard LinkedIn will assign a profile URL that is long and difficult to remember. If you edit your profile you’re able to shorten this URL to one which is easier to fit on business cards, write down or tell someone. When you edit your profile, the URL is beneath your profile image and can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon.

#2 Follow and interact with influencers

There are certain high profile LinkedIn members that, as well as sharing great news and articles, offer you the opportunity to get your voice heard by a large audience. By regularly commenting (constructively) on their updates you can interact with a vast number of LinkedIn members, as well as the influencer themselves. When hovering over ‘Interests’ in the top menu, you can access your influencers, and start to follow them. Their updates are also a great source of content for your own update stream.

#3 Get involved in groups

Joining and contributing to groups relevant to your profession and interests is an effective way to network and build your authority and trust in these areas. By answering questions, taking part in polls and commenting on other members shared updates you will start to build new relationships and potentially contacts.

#4 Share relevant news and articles from the web

Sharing articles relevant to you and your contacts is a simple and effective way to invite interaction through comments and conversation. You can either share publicly or to your contacts only. Avoid flooding your contacts home page with articles and try and regulate how often you post and keep the quality high. Adding a comment as to why you shared the update is also advisable.
Sharing updates that you contacts have posted, making sure to mention why you have shared them, will be appreciated and increase the chances of reciprocation in the future.

#5 Filter out pointless endorsements

Everyone gets endorsed for things that are irrelevant to their profession, usually from someone looking to receive an endorsement in return. By filtering out the pointless endorsements, and displaying only those that are relevant to your profession and interests, other members can quickly see what your talents are. Given that most people will scan your profile quickly, having the relevant and real endorsements prominent is very important.

#6 Add some media

Adding some media about your achievements, projects or passions is an effective way of raising interest in your profile. It will also increase the chances of whoever viewed it remembering you due to imagery. You can add images, links and video to enhance your profile. For example, this could be a link to a personal website, previous publications or articles online, or your portfolio.

#7 Interact with contacts

It’s all very well having hundreds of contacts, but this is pointless if you never have any further interaction with them following initial connection. Making an effort to comment on their updates, congratulate on new jobs or promotions and generally converse will make you stand out as, in general, this doesn’t happen much.

#8 Fine tune your updates

Having an organised and manageable LinkedIn stream is key to using the network efficiently. You can choose what is shown on your update stream, filters include:

To access this filter, click on the ‘All Updates’ option in the top right corner of the homepage stream. In the menu that appears, click on ‘Customize’ at the bottom of the list and then select what you do and don’t want included in the stream.