2 February 2016

'Level Up' To Employee Advocacy


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


Recruitment and retention Talent management


So, you spent time (and potentially money) on incentives and initiatives to improve employee engagement within your brand, your employees are communicating and collaborating with each other and the business leaders, everything is great within the 4 walls, whether physical or virtual, of your business – but what about advocacy?

Here’s why you need to take employee engagement to the next level.

You’re now ready for the ‘Next Level’…..Advocacy.

Here’s 12 Employee advocacy statistics that can’t be ignored:

  • Brand messages reach 561% further when shared by employees vs the same messages shared via official brand social channels
  • 53% of decision-makers have eliminated a vendor from consideration based on information they did or did not find about an employee online
  • 98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50% are already posting about their company
  • A 12% increase in advocacy typically results in a 2% increase in revenue
  • Employee referrals have the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate – only 7% of applicants are via employees, but this accounts for 40% of all new hire hires
  • 76% of business decision makers say they use online sources to learn about professional service providers
  • 67% of employers and recruiters said that the recruiting process was shorter and 51% said it was less expensive to recruit via referrals
  • 47% Referral hires have greater job satisfaction and stay longer at companies
  • 84% of buyers will not engage with a brand until trust has been established
  • While only 15% of people trust recommendations from brands, 84% trust recommendations from people they know
  • 34% of consumers believe that employees are the most trusted source of company integrity information
  • 77% of buyers are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media

With such strong evidence in favour of employee advocacy, it’s difficult to understand why more brands haven’t put a plan in place to encourage such behaviour?

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