A Quick Guide On How To Focus




In a world full of distraction, this is how to simply focus on what you’re doing. No frills or clever ‘hacks’ just ways to get on and get things done.

Music. Headphones. Genre

music to reduce distractionsListening to music when working on something that requires total concentration. It’s not being anti social but with a busy office around you it’s easier to concentrate and be productive without it’s distractions. If a colleague needs to interrupt you for something important then that’s fine but it will obvious you’re working on something and giving it your full attention.

Listening to music through headphones is an effective way to cut out distraction and work. You can listen to music without headphones but you’ll not get the same results as I can still hear external and ambient noises, not to mention the fact that most people around you won’t appreciate music blaring out of your speakers in the office.

Not all music is conducive to productivity, crate a playlist of different tracks on Spotify to listen to but don’t create it full of tracks that make it difficult to concentrate.
There’s also a number of popular playlists that Spotify members have created specifically for listening to while you work.


If you use Chrome then you’ll undoubtedly have a variety of extensions installed that are meant to help you do various tasks but are in fact a distraction.
Instead of uninstalling or disabling these extensions (like many ‘productivity hack’ articles will tell you) simply swap to using the browser as a guest.

To do this click on the tab (probably with your name on it) to the left of the minimize button in the top right of the browser window.
One of the options in the menu that appears is ‘Switch Person’, click on this and then on ‘Browse as Guest’.
Until you close the window you’ll be using the standard version of Chrome. No extensions. No bookmarks. No distractions.
If you need to switch back simply minimise or close the browser window.

Leave the office

If there’s something that requires prolonged periods of distraction free time to complete then consider working from home.
When working on your own you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to be productive and focus on your work.

Working from home also means there’s no commute, lunch is readily available and you’ll often be more comfortable.
All these factors make it easy to concentrate and have a productive day.

Eat lunch

eat lunchWithout going into the science about  how certain foods increase productivity or concentration and why this is, quite simply if you don’t eat you’ll be hungry and distracted thinking about food.
If you don’t eat a decent meal during the day then the likelihood is that you’ll snack. Snacking’s not only bad for you (in most cases) but it also wastes time and serves as a constant interruption.

Get to work early

If you can arrive a work before your colleagues then you’ll have a distraction free environment in which you can work productively.
With most employers now offering flexible working options you can discuss your hours with your manager and put a case forward for starting and finishing early.

As well as the productivity benefits you’ll also see more of the evenings during the week and benefit from more personal time away from the office.