Six ways to improve your onboarding with CIPHR

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From the moment you hire an employee, the onboarding process begins. An effective onboarding strategy, supported by the right software, can help you to improve long-term engagement, reduce employee turnover and build a company culture of productivity and trust.

Your onboarding hub acts as a new starter’s first point of contact with your organisation, giving them the ability to view useful information, such as building layouts, policies, procedures, handbooks and FAQs. Providing the right support gives new starters the opportunity to fit into your company culture quickly, improving your ability to engage and retain top talent.

“We really wanted to empower employees from day one. We wanted them to feel like they were already part of the company and not a new starter. Our onboarding hub gave employees access to current employee feedback, an induction to their benefits and an insight into our company culture. CIPHR has proved to be incredibly valuable and has really helped employees to start their journey with us. ”

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1. Send automated updates

When a new starter joins, automated updates can be sent to prompt the relevant functions (including IT, finance and facilities) to carry out the related tasks, saving your HR team valuable time.

2. Improve morale

Provide guidance through your onboarding portal to reduce stress for new starters and improve job satisfaction across your workforce.

3. Empower employees

Enable employees to enter their personal data, including skills, bank details and emergency contacts, to ensure they are comfortable and engaged with your system.

4. Support compliance

Publish important policies and procedures, so employees can access and accept them through your onboarding portal, ensuring compliance.

5. Share useful information

Give your employees access to useful information which will help them fit in faster, including:

  • Building layouts
  • Transport
  • Catering
  • Multimedia
  • Handbooks
  • FAQS
  • Benefits

6. Create consistency across your company

Use your onboarding hub to ensure that all employees are given the same insight into your organisation’s culture, ethos and philosophy, to keep your onboarding process and your employees’ experience consistent.

“CIPHR’s onboarding encourages the new members of staff to have a look at what Nescot is about and what the benefits are for staff so that they are looking forward to joining.”



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