Interviewing, whether for a first job or to further your career, is a nerve-racking experience. From first impressions to the follow up, below are the most important interview tips to remember in order to land your dream role.

1. Practice interviewing with a friend or family member

2. Research the brand and make use of automated tools

3. Research the role

4. Research the person interviewing, if possible

5. Make sure you’re familiar with your own CV and that it’s optimised

6. Make sure your social profiles are giving the right impression of you

7. Engage with the brand prior to the interview using social media

8. If possible, arrange the interview for a Tuesday morning at 10:30am

9. Dress the part

10. Be well groomed and clean

11. Find a quiet room without distractions (phone interview)

12. Allow enough time for the interview between any other engagements you might have

13. Know where the interview is

14. Use a landline, not a mobile (phone interview)

15. Aim to arrive early, in order to allow for delays

16. Alter the pitch and tone of your voice to avoid sounding monotone (especially on a phone interview)

17. Wait to be offered a chair before sitting and remember basic manners

18. Have a confident handshake

19. Smile

20. Be enthusiastic

21. Maintain good eye contact, but don’t stare

22. Turn your phone off

23. Remember to breathe

24. Think before answering

25. Don’t interrupt the interviewer(s)

26. Never answer questions with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’

27. Don’t lie

28. Don’t ask about the company’s holiday allowance

29. Don’t insult or make derogatory remarks about current or prior employers

30. Try to answer questions with a relevant story (prepared in advance for the most common questions)

31. Listen to the interviewer(s)

32. Make the interviewer(s) feel important by asking questions regarding their role and experiences with the brand

33. Know your body language

34. Don’t ask about salary in the first interview

35. Don’t be overly familiar

36. Don’t be arrogant or overly confident

37. Don’t come across as desperate

38. Be genuine and be yourself 

39. Be ready to backup your claims

40. Treat everyone in the process like you would want to be treated

41. Know how to answer the ‘why should I hire you?‘ question

42. Follow up and learn from the feedback