Is Your Digital Presence Ready For 2015?


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Is Your Digital Presence Ready For 2015? Here are some quick and easy ways to make sure your brand is ready for the year ahead.

Check your social settings

One thing that many people miss, but is imperative, is to check the security settings attached to their social profiles.
Not only are these setting vital to protecting your online identities from hackers and spammers, they also have an impact on what people can see when searching your name online.

Depending on the social networks that you’re looking at, there will be varying ways in which you can adjust how you appear online, what people can see and post about you.
For instance there is a setting in Facebook that allows you to prohibit anyone from tagging you in a photo until you have authorised that you’re happy to be included. This doesn’t stop the photo from being published, but it limits who sees it and whether it will appear in various search results.

Even if you’ve already checked and adjusted these social settings in the past, new controls are being introduced constantly. It’s recommended that you check these settings regularly and adjust them accordingly.

Update and align your LinkedIn profile

your personal brandChecking and updating your LinkedIn profile for the new year will enable you to align your profile to your goals for 2015.
As trends change, recruiters and employers will search for different terms and skills to those in 2014, so it’s important to make sure that you’re appearing in their search results.

Make sure to add any new skills, qualifications or attributes you’ve acquired in 2014 and, if applicable, how these have helped you achieve career goals.

Running through your profile is also the perfect opportunity to proof read it and make sure that you’re still happy with the overall message you’re projecting.
Remember to update your profile photo, not just on LinkedIn but all networks. Your profile image is normally the first thing people will see when visiting your profile and it needs to give the right impression.

Here’s what not to use as a profile photo:

  • A cartoon version of you
  • A mirror ‘selfie’
  • You at a party
  • A group shot with you somewhere in there
  • A blurry or pixelated image

Get ruthless

online networkIt may sound harsh, but sometimes it’s required to evaluate and potentially remove contacts. In order to properly engage and benefit from those that you’re connected to, you need to be able to manage your network.
It may look impressive to have thousands of LinkedIn contacts, but how many of those are engaged with you and are likely to be of any benefit in the future?

It’s also a good idea to review the past year on non-professional networks and purge any images or updates that are inappropriate or that you simply wouldn’t want people to see.

Do a bit of research

Knowing what tools will be available, what’s predicted to be popular and what strategies will bring results in 2015, will help you to plan and monitor your personal brand.
With so many people now aware and proactively managing their own brand, you need to get ahead of the game to be noticed and put yourself where you want to be by the end of 2015.

Setting up Google Alerts, monitoring sites such as ours, social media news and using news aggregators like Feedly will help you to monitor any new articles that will help you with your brand.