Not Using Employee Self Service? Five Reasons Why You Should


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Everyone uses the internet nowadays, from browsing ‘funny’ videos of cats to online banking, it’s the norm to carry out everyday tasks online. With this in mind it’s strange that businesses are still not implementing employee self service portals. There are many advantages of such systems, for the employees, individual departments and companies as a whole.

#1 Data accuracy

By allowing the employee to enter their own details, the chance of data inaccuracies or misspelled words are reduced. If a verification ‘step’ is included in the process then data inaccuracy is reduced even further. Who better to enter employee details than the employees themselves.

#2 Compliance

Using document storage and collaboration within a self service portal allows a business to record and track those employees who have read and understood company policies and announcements. The ability to report on this data enables a business to record that they have informed the workforce, as well as track and improve their processes.

#3 Process management

The ability to track workflow and business processes allows greater visibility as to the progress of a particular process and any improvements that can be made. Enabling employees to view the status of a holiday request, for instance, improves internal communication and prevents the need for distracting conversations chasing an update.
Advertising internal vacancies becomes a simple posting on the company intranet, complete with the processes required to track progress and interest within the business.

#4 Time efficiency

Devolving responsibility of data management to the relevant employee, department or group of staff allows HR to concentrate on proactive and strategic projects. This allows the business to move forward and improve internal processes, communication and collaboration. Onboarding, for instance, is a process that lends itself very well to the use of an intranet. Allowing the new employee to enter their details, peruse the company directory and contribute to any social areas are all ways to integrate people into your business.

#5 Environmentally friendly

Removing the requirement for paper-based approval processes and documentation enables a business to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as paper and printing costs. Implementing a self service portal also makes it easier for those employees who telecommute to update their information and collaborate with the business.