5 Reasons Why You Owe Your Personal Brand 100%


Career development


Whatever path the life of your career takes, giving 100% isn’t just something your manager says to you, it’s something that’s very important to your personal brand. You owe it to not only your employer but also yourself to be able to say that you couldn’t have done a better job at whatever you do.

If you put everything you have into the things you do, then not only will your career benefit, but your personal life will too. Here are 6 reasons why you really should give 100%.

1) Because most people don’t give 100%

Putting 100% effort into everything we do isn’t easy and most people just don’t do it, they work at around 65-70% of their capacity and ‘just get the job done’. This is ‘fine’ if you’re not bothered about that promotion or pay rise, but not if you want to exceed expectations and impress the right people.
In order to ascend beyond the crowd and forge ahead in your career or personal goals, you need to work harder than the average person. By doing so, you’ll get noticed by the right people and become known for not just ‘getting the job done’ but ‘doing a great job’. Massive difference.

Putting in 100% isn’t just beneficial in the working environment. Whatever your interests are outside of work, whether it be a sport or creative art, giving maximum effort is the only way to improve and achieve your goals.

self improvement

2) Because you have pride

Achieving your life goals, both professionally and personally, is something that you should be proud of and strive for.
Not just because of the achievement itself, but also because you know that you’re doing the best you can and working hard for what you want.
If you don’t get to where you want to be and haven’t put the effort in, then you’ve only one person to blame, and where’s the pride in that?

If you’re proud of something then the standards you set rise, this effect means that you’re constantly improving yourself and increasingly setting the bar higher.

3) Because giving 100% leads to self improvement

By giving 100%, you’ll know your strengths, weaknesses and boundaries. You’ll be able to utilise your strengths, improve your weaknesses and push your boundaries. Self-improvement is an important element in standing out from the crowd, getting noticed by the right people and pushing your career and personal life forward.

If you’re not putting all you have into your work and personal life, then how can you make an accurate assessment of your performance and, as a result, improve it?

4) Because giving 100% inspires others to do the same

When friends and colleagues see and spend time with someone who strives to be the best they can be, they’ll be inspired to do the same. Leadership qualities are something that many brands are looking for when employing talent, not just for management positions, but any role within a business.
If an employee is able to lead and inspire others to better themselves and become a more valuable and engaged member of staff, then they’re a very desirable asset to any business.

inspiring others

5) Because giving 100% strengthens your personal brand

All of the above contributes to an impressive personal brand of a professional who has pride in themselves and what they do, can lead and inspire and is always trying to improve themselves.
Employers are searching for top talent who have proved themselves through the work they do and their achievements.

A strong personal brand is incredibly important in an online world and is used by potential connections and employers to gauge an individual’s ability and persona.