11 Not so Obvious Online Resources for HR News
28 June 2016

11 Not so Obvious Online Resources for HR News


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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There’s plenty of articles around listing the top HR blogs or news sites but have you noticed that they all list the same sites that you’ve probably already bookmarked? Here’s a roundup of some not-so-obvious sites that are a great resource when looking for news and tips to ensure your workplace is a happy and productive environment for you and your employees.

1. FastCompany | @fastcompany

fastcompanyFast Company is the world’s leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design.
Written for, by, and about the most progressive business leaders, Fast Company and FastCompany.com inspire readers and users to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create the future of business.

2. LifeHacker | @lifehackeruk

lifehackerLifehacker Work(UK) is an expert guide for anyone looking to get things done, whether at home or at work, both on and offline. It’s all about showing you how to live your life better by being more efficient and more productive.

Delivering  brand new UK-specific content written by our core editorial team, with contributions from expert writers from all corners of the British Isles.

3. OfficeVibe blog | @officevibe

officevibeOfficevibe are the team behind a product designed to empower managers with the tools they need to create greater workplaces.
As such they know, and blog about, employee engagement, leadership and making sure that your employees are happy at work.

Their articles are quite often accompanied by well designed and interesting infographics.

4. iDone This blog | @idonethis

idonethisiDoneThis is an email-based productivity log that motivates and tracks productivity with a daily email reminder.
In July 2011, iDoneThis was recognized as one of the “20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch” by Business Insider.

Their blog contains wonderful and informative articles explaining how to get things done and the best practices for personal and team productivity.

5. BBC Capital Careers | @bbc_capital

BBC capitalThe BBC is obviously well known for their news services and online resources but did you know they have a dedicated career blog?

Covering topics such as business trips, psychology at work, career tips, working abroad and searching for a job, there’s plenty of interesting articles for HR and employees alike.

6. EnviableWorkplace | @enviableworkplc

enviableworkplaceA company culture blog escribing themselves as “Since 2010, enviable workplace has served as a UK-focused media for HRs and operations executives creating awesome workplace environments. Instead of mission statement plaques on CEO walls, leaders cultivate company culture that employees actually dig.” their blog reinforces this message and passion with some great articles covering talent attraction, company culture and employer branding to name but a few.

The articles on this particular blog are often written from a new and fresh angle and so well worth a read!

7. Office Snapshots | @officesnapshots

officesnapshotsAs business realise the importance of office design and how it affects everything from productivity to employee health there’s a growing interest in how businesses around the world create the office environment.

Office snapshots has a wide selection of real life offices to browse for inspiration. You can filter by location, sector, size and even designer.
If you’re thinking of a refurb then this should be one website you check out.

8. Reward Gateway | @rewardgateway

rewardgatewayAs the creators of software that creates an opportunity for companies to reward, thank, involve, understand, communicate and connect employees with each other, Reward gateway have an informed and knowledgeable blog containing advice from experts, clients and their HR friends.

Covering topics such as Culture, Employee Benefits, Engagement, Leadership & Management, Learning & Development, Open & Honest Communication, Purpose, Meaning and Values,
Recognition, Wellbeing there’s plenty for everyone.

9. Unum | @askunum

UnumUnum specialise in providing Income Protection through the workplace.
Their HR blog covers topics ranging from dress code in the office to leadership.

10. Fortune | @fortunemagazine

FortuneFortune is an multinational business magazine, it distinguishes itself with long, in-depth feature articles.
With articles covering such topics as careers, leadership and technology there’s plenty for any HR professional to learn something new.

11. LinkedIn Talent Solutions blog | @hireonlinkedin

linkedinLinkedIn has a great talent focused blog. Updated daily with interesting articles often based on research carried out using the millions of professionals registered on it’s platform.