Why Social Recruiting Must Be Part Of Your Strategy

Why Social Recruiting Must Be Part Of Your Strategy


Recruitment and retention


With the rise of technology, the boom of the Internet age and the rampant growth of social media and online networking, companies are quickly beginning to understand the importance of using online communities for recruiting new people to the workplace.

social recruitingMany websites, like LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest, are fast becoming a regular hotspot for employers to target talent and appeal to highly skilled employees.

Utilising these platforms to create new job connections and form genuine relationships can be the most successful recruiting tool, and the most effective hiring strategy, your company will ever use.

The early relationships you build with your potential employees are an important part of attracting the perfect fit for your team, and are integral in projecting job security.

With the added increase in competition for highly skilled employees, employers are even more responsible for the image that they portray to the job seeking population. Not only is it necessary to create a meaningful connection with prospective employees, it is imperative that a company also represents itself in an overall positive light with consumers and the general public.
Reputation and brand image are pertinent to accomplishing this, as they define a person’s immediate, and sometimes lasting, perception of the company.

When targeting your sites on social media as a platform for social recruiting, be sure to elevate your brand awareness and showcase your company’s values to increase your chances of hiring the best.

attracting talentThere are a great number of additional benefits to using social media in your social recruiting and hiring process, with the greatest being the sheer exposure it affords you. With millions of users logging on to these sites every day, your job postings and enquiries are bound to catch the attention of prospective employees.
Your company can capitalise on this growing statistic by creating an engaging virtual presence. Another advantage of using social media to connect with potential employees is that it can help to reduce boundaries between employers and candidates, creating a more personal experience for both parties.
This environment helps in attracting the right person for the job and in creating a lasting relationship. It gives the employer a chance to see if the person is the right fit for the company and vice versa.

It’s also important to be knowledgeable when using social media, especially the sites you are going to be targeting most frequently, so sharpen up your social media skills before diving right in.

Learn to navigate and communicate effectively and efficiently. For example, first try to understand and target your specific audience so that you can use the right platform to find the talent you need. LinkedIn might be perfect for finding a health or business professional, but Pinterest might be better for finding an artist.
It would also be handy to keep a list of the specific qualities and experiences you are looking for when searching through the many profiles and postings. Save yourself valuable time by filtering the people you connect with.

Social recruiting is unquestionably a great hiring strategy for your company, it can help lead you to fruitful relationships with prospective candidates through relevant job opportunities. It’s an effective medium to increase your workforce with reliable and happy employees.

Create the perfect impression to attract and build enduring relationships with job seekers. Get started by learning some techniques and strategies on using social media for social recruiting.
Find the right platform to build a strategic online presence and begin connecting with the right people.

The job market has developed into a diverse and bustling online community; follow the trend, for the benefit of your company’s hiring strategy.