27 March 2013

The Advantages Of Online Timesheets



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Keeping track of employees working time, lateness and overtime can be a time consuming activity if carried out manually.  Employees traditionally fill out forms, stating their hours, which is then passed to HR for input into the HR System.  With online timesheets employees can complete their hours online using an intuitive interface.  This information is then stored, without the need for further manual input from HR.

Convenience – Accessible anywhere, at any time

One of the problems with traditional, paper based timesheets is that they take too long to complete and are often just an inconvenience.  After a long day the last thing anyone wants to do is fill out a timesheet, trying to remember when they arrived and left the office each day of the week.  Having timesheets online, accessible at any time and quick to complete, this process is simpler and more convenient.  Employees are able to simply copy their hours from a previous week (if their work pattern is the same), making the whole process a lot simpler and simple to complete.

Easy to report on and analyse statistics

Once the data has been entered into the system by the employee, HR and management are immediately able to report on, and analyse this data.  Looking for trends and/or potential issues aids efficiency and potentially cost savings.
Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis and interrogation.

Example of Ciphr Timesheets

Data accuracy

Due to the single point of entry the chances of data being entered incorrectly into the system are minimised. Audit trails are also simplified due to the minimal number of stages in the data entry process.

Devolve responsibility to employees

Passing responsibility for entry of the hours worked enables HR to concentrate on more strategic projects. Not only is there no longer a need for HR to actually enter the data, but they are also freed from physically collecting timesheets and chasing employees for their completed documents.

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