22 January 2014

Work From Home - Surely 'Work From Anywhere' Is Better?


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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Over the last couple of years working from home has been a trending topic. With thousands upon thousands of articles being written (this blog included) describing and advising on the best practices for working from your home office. ‘How to be productive at home’, ‘The best layout for a home office’, etc. all have one thing in common – they assume that you can only work from 2 places, the company office or your home office. Surely in this day and age, and with the technology available, we can work from anywhere and be much more productive as a result?!

Most cities now have 4G. Most coffee shops, cafe’s, trains, or any other establishment where people can spend any length of time offer free wireless. Airports have dedicated areas to work on your laptop or tablet and even planes are starting to provide wireless connections.
With this in mind, why are we so hung up on working from home all of the time? We are free to work where we want and be more productive for a number of reasons.

The coffee shop

Working in a busy environment, such as a coffee shop, is now said to be a more productive environment than a silent office. Working from such an establishment enables you to get more done, and have a constant supply of coffee which, again, has recently been reported to aid short-term concentration.

The airport

What do most people end up doing at an airport?……….waiting. You turn up nice an early to be sure to catch your flight, only to be informed that there’s a delay. No problem; get the laptop out and get productive. The more you do before the flight, the less you should have to do after you land. Make your way through the destination airport and on to your hotel or home, ultimately very tired.

On the plane

If you’re anything like me, then you’re not a great flyer. Any distraction that helps me to forget the 30,000 feet of nothingness beneath me is welcome. Being able to get some work done on a plane is very VERY welcome in my books. If you’re on a 8+ hour flight, then that’s a full working day for most people – perfect for getting things completed.

The park

With the advent of the 4G network, most city parks are now as fair game as a natural office. Such an environment will inspire creativity, improve your mood and provide an interesting and absorbing place to work for the morning, afternoon or entire day. Where would you rather spend your workday during the summer months, the office or in the middle of parkland??

The beach

Imagine being able to do your work sitting on the beach, with the sun above and the ocean in front of you. Wouldn’t that be a sure fire way to a happier work day?? Vitamin D from the sun is known to help the immune system and aid cognitive functions, as well as providing many other health benefits, the sound of the ocean provides a calming influence and the general environment is great for inspiration and creativity.

The above are just a few example locations that we can work from, many of which are actually more productive than where we work from traditionally. Variety is the spice of life, will keep you happy as an employee and make you more productive (which will keep your employer happy) so why aren’t we promoting ‘Work from anywhere’ more?

Indeed, why do we need offices? For the resources that they contain? In the future, these resources will be online and available from anywhere at any time. Will this progression render office space obsolete?

Ciphr SaaS enables users to work from anywhere with an internet connection and could enable you to start working from a sunny park or local cafe with full access to coffee and cake!