28 November 2018

Integrating Ciphr with IBM’s ATS boosts candidate experience at A+E Networks

Value of HR efficiencies inspires TV network to pursue integrations between Ciphr and other people applications, too


Cathryn Newbery

Cathryn Newbery

Cathryn Newbery is head of content and community at Ciphr. She was previously deputy editor at People Management magazine. You can find her on Twitter @c_newbery.


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Value of HR efficiencies inspires TV network to pursue integrations between Ciphr and other people applications, too

The HR team at factual and entertainment broadcaster A+E Networks UK is reaping the rewards of integrating its HR system, Ciphr, with other business applications.

Ciphr has recently integrated its people management system with A+E Networks UK’s preferred applicant tracking system (ATS), IBM Kenexa BrassRing, and is set to deliver further integrations between the Ciphr solution and Everbridge, an incident communications tool, and payroll provider ADP.

“We would always want to automate our HR systems where we can, so that people can focus on the activities that require more judgement,” says Karl Burnett, VP, HR, at A+E Networks UK. “Ciphr’s delivery of our first integration, between Ciphr and our ATS, definitely influenced our decision to pursue further integrations. We just assumed not only that Ciphr would be able to make it happen, but that they would do so smoothly and effortlessly.”

A+E Networks UK introduced BrassRing in 2017, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that the team were able to focus on integrating it with Ciphr. “We wanted the systems to interface with each other so that, when a candidate entered their details in their portal, and was later offered a role, there would be an upload of all the relevant data into Ciphr,” explains Burnett. “Then, within BrassRing, we can automatically generate a contract and make it available immediately to the candidate alongside the job offer.”

He adds: “The integration has a number of benefits: there’s a single point of data entry, which improves accuracy. The HR team’s workload is reduced because we can generate contracts automatically and immediately when an offer is made. The candidate experience is better too, because previously we might not have been able to manually generate the contract for a couple of days if we were really busy. That lag had the potential to cause us problems where candidates needed to see a full contract before deciding to take the job offer. I wish we had integrated the two systems sooner.”

One of Ciphr’s senior technical service analysts, Lloyd Salmon, was instrumental in delivering the integration, adds HR and business operations manager Konadu Abrampah. “He was very helpful, super friendly, and very clear about managing our expectations and delivering against them. It was great that we could trust him to deal directly with the other software supplier involved. He’s also been really helpful after the work had been completed, reconfiguring minor elements to work better for us.”

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