16 March 2021

Why The Wrekin Housing Group chose Ciphr HR and Ciphr Payroll

The Wrekin Housing Group, one of the West Midlands largest providers of social housing and care, selected Ciphr to address both their HR and payroll challenges


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The Wrekin Housing Group, one of the West Midlands largest providers of social housing and care, selected Ciphr to address both their HR and payroll challenges

We spoke to Wrekin’s Sherene Glynn, payroll consultant, and Madeline Murphy, HR manager, to find out what challenges they were facing and why they selected Ciphr to help them meet those challenges. The HR team at Wrekin is 16 strong and looks after almost 1300 employees.

They wanted a solution to support the entire employee lifecycle, replace manual processes, and provide greater reporting analysis. Following a formal tender process through the G-Cloud framework, Ciphr was selected. The Ciphr HR software will sit alongside the suite of applications developed in-house by Wrekin.

The journey towards a new HR and payroll system began with the need to modernise. Existing systems and processes did the job but were inefficient.

Sherene says, “Our paper-based processes and spreadsheets really needed modernising so we can deliver modern and timely service for our colleagues.”

For many organisations, including The Wrekin Housing Group, the pandemic provided the impetus for change.

Sherene says, “The pandemic, the agile work environment, and the increased reporting that came with it, further highlighted the need for change.”

Madeline adds, “The pandemic certainly triggered the change, there is definitely part of me that wishes we’d have taken the step sooner, it certainly would have helped us tackle some of the challenges of increased demand while homeworking.”

A side effect of the legacy systems is that the Wrekin team was juggling multiple systems with limited integration.

Sherene says, “Data entry had become the major part of our role, by refining things with our new system we’ll be more accurate and we’ll create efficiencies, meaning there is more time to concentrate on the colleagues that we’re providing a service for.”

Madeline added, “At Wrekin, we make a difference to people’s lives, and that’s what our job in HR is all about, making a difference for us is about providing the best service we can – the same as our colleagues in operational teams and corporate services.”

Beyond specialist software solutions provided through Ciphr Connect, Ciphr’s team of HR and payroll subject matter experts also stood out.

Sherene continues, “Crucially, the people that built the Ciphr systems are HR people. I’ve been doing HR for 20 years and you get systems that don’t follow any logic, because they’ve been built by someone that knows systems but doesn’t understand payroll or HR. For me, it was important to have that HR understanding that makes it more user-friendly.”

Madeline ended by saying, “It was crucial for us that the provider of a new system did both payroll and HR, because we wanted full integration. Ciphr gave us an in-depth demo of what they could do for us and they answered all our questions. The product together with the relationship was there from the very beginning.”