Onboarding, Drones And The Organic Office

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‘Onboarding’ is a word used to describe the process by which  a business introduces a new employee, educates them regarding their new environment and ensures they become an effective and settled member of staff. There are various strategies employed by brands regarding their onboarding process, from online portals to company brochures and handouts explaining policies etc. The onboarding experience is continually evolving and who knows what new and exciting elements will be included in the future.

Below are a few ideas of what we might expect when being ‘onboarded’ with a new employer in the future, given the advances in technology and management methodologies.

The office will come to you

drone-deliveryWith more workers choosing, or needing, to work remotely, business will need to consider the possibility that they may not even meet new employees during the early stages of their employment.

SaaS is now the preferred method by which to deliver solutions to both businesses and individuals. This technology allows new employees the freedom  to use solutions such as CIPHR Onboarding from wherever they might be. They  can access their employers onboarding portal from their own device and at their leisure. As internet access spreads and improves throughout public spaces, our offices will become wherever we may be, whether it’s a park, a coffee shop or even the beach.
When required, induction meetings/discussions can be carried out via video chat, message apps or voip calls, no matter where we are, as long as we have our mobile devices to hand!

With the impending explosion of drone based startups, employees will soon be able to have their office equipment delivered to their door, by air. Once they have their laptop/smart phone/tablet/wearable tech they’ll be ready to go! No need to visit the office anymore as everything needed is at their fingertips.

Wearable technology will guide

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Wearable tech will allow businesses to create an ‘experience’ for new starters through augmented reality. Instead of being shown around the office to meet other employees, running through the use of their PC and general day to day activities, the new starter can simply wear a pair of Google Glass.
As they approach another employee, through the use of QR codes that colleagues name, position and contact details will automatically be displayed, maybe even their social media profile/s.
As the new employee enters different rooms within the office they’ll instantly know the rooms purpose and who works in it.

Offices will mould to the new employees requirements

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Technology advances in office design will allow different elements of the office environment to adapt and change according to the employee occupying that space. Chairs, monitors and keyboards will reposition to ensure the best posture is maintained, office lighting will alter accordingly and even the colours of the walls will change depending on the type of work being carried out to inspire the occupant.


Social media policies and training ‘the norm’

social-media-trainingThis one’s already common practice. With the ever increasing use of, and inclusion in our everyday lives of social media, brands will need to ensure that it’s employees are aware of what’s acceptable and not acceptable use of the medium.
Social media policies are already common place and will need to become more comprehensive as social media grows.


Everything will be green

green-officeThe onboarding process will be as green as brands can make it. From the use of technology to negate the need for unnecessary travel, to ensuring new employees are familiar with the businesses green policies during their induction. Employees may be encouraged to bring plants to the office to promote the many benefits they offer, they may be encouraged to enroll in the car share scheme or even offered a bike to use for the journey to the office.
Telecommuting will be the norm for many, avoiding the need to travel to the office and benefiting the environment as a result.

Bring your own device overtakes company provided technology

byodAs generations grow up more with personal technology being the standard, businesses will start to encourage ‘BYOD’ policies. This will mean new starters are already familiar and competent using the day to day technology within the business, thus reducing the time required during their induction to train them on hardware/software usage.

BYOD offers the following advantages:

  • Cost savings as the employee purchases the hardware/software
  • Increased employee familiarity as the devices are their possession
  • Increased employee satisfaction as they choose their own hardware
  • Productivity increases as employees will always have their devices with them

We know you better than you know yourself

With the use of big data to predict behaviour, companies will know, and be able to cater for, new employee requirements, even before their first day. A pack could be sent out to the employee detailing things such as the  quickest route to the office (avoiding traffic), your training requirements (even if not directly relevant to your new positions duties, which sports clubs they’ll will want to join, even which social events they would be interested in …the list goes on.
Solutions such as Google Now already offer this type of insight into our own lives, and Amazon are looking into predictive order packing as they think they’ll know what you’ll order before you do!


The future is here

“From welcoming new employees to your organisation through the entire life cycle management process, CIPHR Onboarding can help you deliver the best experience possible. Your recruitment process is the first impression your new employee will have of your company and the ongoing experience once they have joined is just as important.
They must be immersed in your culture and policies and furnished with the business tools they need to succeed in their new role. Getting this process right can help ensure a quick and sustained return on your investment.” Find out more.

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