Real World Advantages Of Implementing SaaS HR


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SaaS is a way of providing solutions as a service online, via the cloud. It allows organisations of all shapes and sizes to free up their resources, experience the latest up-to-date technologies and gain a sense of flexibility in terms of location, growth and budget.

So where does CIPHR come in? We offer a wide range of SaaS HR solutions which help with HR, payroll, recruitment, reporting and expense management. The CIPHR system is maintained over the cloud which means that our clients access the system over a secure web connection – freeing up the office of additional hardware and keeping your IT structure free from additional strains.

But how has SaaS actually helped our clients? ASOS, one of the leading online fashion retailers, needed a solution to streamline their internal HR systems after they had experienced a surge in the growth of the company. The previous HR systems were not suited to scale with the company growth, were being patched regularly to maintain them, and HR data was held in a variety of formats and systems. This meant that any HR task that needed to be undertaken by an ASOS employee was eating into their valuable time and taking longer than it should.

ASOS wanted a system where employees could sign in once and have access to everything, be able to access all of the HR information they needed and have a system which could be upgraded and maintained without  distraction.

By using a collection of available CIPHR products we created a unique system for ASOS which allowed employees to check all of their personal information, including holiday allowances, pay details and expenses. The system could also be used for training purposes, allowing employees and managers to schedule training courses and performance reviews. Practically all aspects of internal HR could be managed through this one portal, allowing ASOS to streamline internal processes and communications.

CIPHR’s SaaS offerings, combined with our 30 years of experience in the industry, means we are perfectly placed to run the day-to-day management of the service your company chooses. So if you want a solution which will save you time, money and resources contact CIPHR today.