Will Google Glass Change The Workplace?

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With the first Google Glass products (augmented reality) starting to roll off the production line, and accompanying apps now available for Android users on Play, a new era is dawning. Opportunities for advertising, marketing and new start-ups are endless. But what about your day to day work lives? What are the potential uses for augmented reality in the workplace and business in general?

Most of the news updates and rumours have centered around uses for the individual in a social environment. Very little has been mentioned (in the articles that I have read anyway) regarding how the new technology can benefit employees in their day to day duties.

Google Glass wish list

Company intranet link up

  • Users could be shown the entry form for the company employee directory using facial recognition – never experience that awkward situation of not remembering a colleagues name! As well as their name, contact details, skills and all relevant, non-sensitive information could be displayed, allowing the user to instantly recognise a colleague who may be able to assist with a project or general question.
  • Company announcements could be broadcast directly to the glasses which would avoid the requirement for an email and potential delay in the update being read.
  • Imagine, when booking annual leave, if you could simply look around the room at your colleagues and have their holiday booked information displayed. Or being able to instantly identify first aid reps in a room full of employees.
  • A new employee wearing the glasses could be directed to an employee’s social media profile(s) in order to aid in connecting with new colleagues. An invite to connect could also be sent if appropriate.
screenshot of googleglass

Credit: Daily Mail


 Employee training/support

  • Employers could ‘beam’ instructions for any aspect of the role directly onto the new employee’s glasses, negating the need for training courses, etc. When using new software, employees could see the instructions or ‘next step in the process’ on their glasses, making the learning process seamless.
  • During training courses, possible questions that could be asked at a particular point in the syllabus could be displayed on the tutors glasses, enabling them to prepare for that question being asked, or preempting the question with an explanation on that topic.
  • Information regarding the software that a training delegate currently has installed could be displayed, along with previous courses that they have attended. This would allow the tutor to gauge the delegate’s experience and prior knowledge of using the system.
  • Client’s calling a support desk could have the solution displayed on their glasses instead of having the solution conveyed verbally or in an email, reducing the risk of a mistake while following the instructions.

The above are just a few of the possible uses for augmented reality within the workplace and business, the potential uses are limitless. Do you have a great idea for Google Glass in business, let us know!

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