Our favourite blog articles from 2016

Our favourite blog articles from 2016


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Covering everything from talent attraction strategies to personal branding, the CIPHR blog was very busy in 2016. Here’s ten of our favourite posts from last year in case you missed them. We’ll continue to bring you great articles in 2017!

What Makes an Office a Great Place to Work?

Making efforts to provide a pleasant working environment for employees should be at the top of every business leader’s priorities. It can affect turnover rates, productivity and, ultimately, profits. Listed below are some of the factors that should be considered when planning your office design for maximum results.

10 ways to smash your personal branding in 2017

Whether you like it or not, as an individual, you are a brand. Every day you’re ‘branding’ yourself by what you share online, how you interact with others and the way you act on social networks. With a bit of thought, effort and time you can nurture your brand to achieve personal and professional success in 2017.

6 ways to motivate and engage employees (that you can do in the next 5 minutes)

Motivating and engaging employees doesn’t need a huge budget for initiatives, it doesn’t require a committee to try and persuade employees to take part in company events and it certainly doesn’t need company policies and procedures dictating how engagement ‘should work’!

7 Reasons why fun in the office is the future of work

People don’t want to work every day, we’d all prefer to be spending time with friends and family, going on holiday and following our passions. Making the working environment more fun seems like the most logical path however, few employers make an effort to proactively ensure that their employees are happy and enjoy being in the office.

7 Reasons your employees are unproductive (and you could be to blame)

Are your employees as productive as they could be? Is the office bubbling over with creativity, interaction and innovation? Are you confident that remote workers are putting in 100% effort regardless of their location? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’ or even ‘I’m not sure’ then, as a brand, you’re probably not providing the right environment and there’s improvements to be made.

Work/life balance doesn’t exist (but you can still enjoy both)

It seems as though every career and business blog includes an article related to managing the ‘work/life balance’.
The benefits this will lavish on your wellbeing and career are apparently abundant.
The problem is that our careers are part of life and not a separate entity. The sooner we realise, accept and adapt to this fact the better.

7 HR Priorities (and the online resources that can help you stay afloat)

The internet’s become the number one information resource for pretty much everything in our personal and professional lives. When it comes to HR priorities, there’s a number of great sites and individuals who can provide tips, tricks and best practices regarding a number of key HR priorities.

12 strategies to attract passive talent

The ability to attract passive candidates can be the difference between hiring the very best talent in your industry and losing them to your competitors. There are various strategies brands can employ to attract and engage potential applicants which often also prove more cost effective and successful than traditional recruitment methods.

The 9 Big Workplace Distractions and how to Counter them

In a CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 hiring and HR managers, from companies of all different industries and sizes it was found that, among some very strange reasons for not being productive, there are 9 very definitive reasons why we’re distracted while at work.

9 Reasons your Employer Brand is Failing and 10 Reasons why it Matters

Employer branding isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s one of the most talked about business leadership terms of the past couple of years. If, as a business leader, you’re still not making efforts to maintain a strong employer brand, then you’re damaging your business. Fact.