Not Happy At Work? 10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Day

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Most of us spend a great deal of our time at work, often in an office environment. Remaining happy in your job and knowing how to cope with all of the stresses and strains of our working lives is essential to remaining physically and mentally healthy. There are many techniques and actions you can use to achieve happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.

Plan and prioritise your day

planning homerPlanning and prioritising your day, knowing what tasks you need to complete and when, will help you to get a grasp on your time in the office. The sense of control over your workload will assist in your time management and give your a sense of achievement as you tick actions off of your ‘todo’ list.

Don’t be a hater

hater-homerHolding grudges or disliking someone will consume your day and probably affect you more than it does the subject of your hatred. Try to chill out and let them get on with their work while you get on with yours. If the problem is a simple irritability then try to ignore this, you never know, you may end up getting on with that person a lot better!


Look forward to the future

dreaming-homerHaving something to look forward to, whether that be a holiday, social event or other occasion is important to your wellbeing. Looking forward to an event gives you a purpose to move forward and provides motivation to get things done. The sense of anticipation can get you through repetitive, daily tasks and out of a rut.
Often the event will also require you to prepare certain things which will help take your mind off work for a while such as buying clothes for a holiday or looking at the next place you want to have dinner.


Take a break outside

prancing-homerWeather permitting, if things get a bit stressful then take a 5-10 minute walk outside. Breathing some fresh air and absorbing some vitamin D works wonders for your mood and gives you a change of scenery too. It is said that taking regular breaks also improves productivity. It may even be an option for you to work outside for certain periods of time. If your able to work from home then take the opportunity and enjoy the change of scenery.



Get the horrible things out of the way first

homer_runningSome days you have tasks which you hate doing. Whether this is pointless admin or a call to a difficult client. Whatever the action is, do it first. Getting things, that you don’t like doing, out of the way first means that the rest of the day is much more pleasant and you don’t have the unpleasant task hanging over you.


Don’t over commit

commit-homerOver committing will increase your anxiety and leave you worrying about delivering promises that are unachievable. Agree to complete what is in your control, others will be delegated to complete everything else.
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Be nice and smile more

smiling homerSmile and greet all of your colleagues, you will be returned the favour by 98% of them. Starting the day in a pleasant and approachable way will increase engagement and general mood in the office. There are also many health benefits said to be connected to smiling, such as lowering blood pressure, improving your immune system (as you are more relaxed) and reducing stress. It was even once reported by the Telegraph that people who smile live longer!

Tidy up

tidying-homerHaving a tidy and well organised work space will make it a nicer place to be. Cluttered untidy desks only fuel frustration and make it more difficult to find what you need and complete tasks. Being able to locate everything you need to get your job done will not only make your life easier, but will also enable you to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.


Don’t take yourself too seriously

serious homerTaking yourself too seriously, and taking everything that people say to you is not good for your wellbeing. Chill out and work through the day whilst enjoying banter and a joke with your colleagues, you’ll feel better for it. Not being overly serious all the time will also make you more approachable to your colleagues.


Take pride in your work and have a sense of purpose

pride-homerKnowing that you have done a good days work and to the best of your ability will give you a sense of achievement and pride at the end of the day. It is also likely that you’re efforts will be noticed by your managers and peers too.
Ensuring that you are well dressed and taking pride in your appearance will also improve your confidence and will get noticed by others too.


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